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  1. I am trying to design a report that our club secretary can run monthly that will give a list of members whose membership renewal is coming up in the next 60 days so she can send reminders (I'd like to automate that part, too, if possible). We have fields for "Join Date," "Last Paid Date," and "Renewal Date." I can't figure out how to set the search criteria to look for renewal dates within 60 days after the day the report is run. Is that possible with Caspio (I don't do javascript!)?
  2. Bangalore, thanks for the response. I did not get that alert when I appended the new spreadsheet. I just now checked the alert history and the only thing there is the successful import alert. We have the entry-level version of Caspio. I wonder if the back-up feature is not activated in the "cheap" version? Anyway, I figured out a way to delete the duplicate records by sorting the table by the mis-matched fields to get the two sets of duplicates seperately grouped, then marking the newly-created duplicates for deletion.
  3. I appended an Excel spreadsheet to an existing table in our club app. I messed up and didn't rename a field in the spreadsheet to match the table, so I ended up duplicating every record. I checked the "back up table" option before I imported, but now I can't find where I can restore the backed-up table. Help!
  4. Testing the export and download of our membership table in Excel format, all went well except the following entry has been added at the end of every record. Anyone know what this is and whether I need to preserve it to upload the Execl file back into our Caspio app? 0xA78690C92023D576BBD32373B579CE1D6430F9E05F8041315710AA08C9B911D4FFC94AFDA64E4F08B922692A3D7A4F6922AEEBA34AC8D747F2AA0310FB50AD00ECB4BDC0D5BF
  5. Well, I am reporting back as promised. Successfully exported the database to Excel and added the autonumber field and populated it with autofill. However, I noticed that Caspio has added another field at the end of the existing fields and each of the 3100+ records now has a unique alpha-numeric entry that looks like this... 0xA78690C92023D576BBD32373B579CE1D6430F9E05F8041315710AA08C9B911D4FFC94AFDA64E4F08B922692A3D7A4F6922AEEBA34AC8D747F2AA0310FB50AD00ECB4BDC0D5BF Does anyone know what that is for? Should I leave it when I import the file back to Caspio? Lee
  6. Perfect! Exactly what I was wanting to do. Thanks! Lee
  7. I have several "apps" set up for our club officers to run various reports, edit member records, etc. These are all in an authenticated folder. I would like to set up a "menu" of these apps that the officer would see after they log in. I've seen in the tutorial videos how to do that on a web page, but we are accessing these apps directly on Caspio. Is there a way to set up a "menu" datapage, report or view?
  8. Watch out Ruth, I think he's a spammer!
  9. I assume this was bumped for my benefit. I had actually seen this thread before I posted my question. While this will work, I would much prefer for the secretary not to have to run two reports. She is not the most computer-literate person around and I am trying to keep things as simple as possible for her. But thanks anyway. I'll keep this as my plan B. Lee
  10. I will play around with your idea, Ruth. I think I understand the concept. I'll report back how it turns out. I hate when people ask for guidance, get some, then never come back and tell folks how it turned out!! :roll:
  11. Ooops, cross-posted! I am fairly comfortable with Excel, so your solution should be pretty simple for me to do. Getting back to the original question, rather than having the secretary have to look up the last member ID assigned, I really would like that number to appear on the approval form (which is actually a report). Surely there's a way to fetch it into the form. BTW, I don't do Javascript!
  12. Thanks again, Ruth! I think the autonumber field to assign a unique record ID is the solution. However, do you know if there is a way to go back and auto number the original 3100+ records? No way am I doing that manually!
  13. Thanks for the response Ruth. I tried making the member ID the unique value for the record, however "blank" is a value, and if we get more than one new registration hitting the database before the secretary has assigned a new ID, any after the first one are rejected because of duplicate values... two or more records with "blank" member IDs. One idea I had was to have the registration go into a queue to await approval, but I don't know how to do that. Another idea was to add an autonumber field to assign a unique record ID number. The problem with that is I don't know how to go back and a
  14. In our club CB application, when a new member submits the registration form, an e-mail notification goes to our club secretary. In that e-mail is a link to an "approval" datapage where the secretary manually enters a new member ID number and checks an "active" checkbox after checking to see that the new member has paid the required dues. Is there a way to display the last member ID previously assigned so the secretary can assign the next sequential ID? Our IDs are somewhat unique, in that they contain a letter followed by two digits for the year joined, a hyphen, then the sequential number
  15. Thanks for the response, MM, but not what I wanted to hear. I'm a total noob,... java script?... ain't happenin', bud. Hard to believe Caspio didn't anticipate this particular circumstance and provide a one-click solution.
  16. I'm sure this has been asked and answered before, but a search didn't turn up anything. I'm doing a submission datapage to search our membership table for a member or group of members by various criteria. I guess by default, if you leave all the search criteria blank and submit, you get the entire membership listed. We don't want people to be able to do that. How do I require that at least one of the eight criteria be filled in? EDIT: Just to be clear, I know I can require a particular field to filled in, but I don't want to require any particular field, just at least one field.
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