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  1. I am trying to create a form where there are some fields which will be required only if another field has a certain type of data, Example to key in reference number of you have a report to tag the form with
  2. I have a search and update for my project with calculation. the parameters that are passed do not update the first time, Please advise if there is a solution or is it possible to add a back button linking to the details page to update
  3. Can i force a value to a field by auto calculating values from another field and a new field where the user will add a value.
  4. I am trying to build an app to keep count of my items in store, I need a report page where i can view current stock in store. There will be new stock in every other week and stock to go out on a daily basis. Please advise
  5. Hi i would like to have my users to log in with an OTP and change the password on their own after that please advise how it can be done
  6. Hi I want to create a html results page where i will be displaying fields from many pages, How do i create the search form and how can i display all the details from the tables in the html table
  7. Sheik88


    hi I would like to know how to make a field depend on another field, Example if i have a 2 drop down list for my products, defined as brands and model. i would like the to display only the models that are within the brand selected in the brand list
  8. hi i would like to add and remove selected fields in my submission form dynamically using an add and remove button.
  9. HI i am trying to write a command to repeat a some cells. Is there any way to put the selected fields in a section and link that to my Java-script to repeat that region. I am able to do that function in HTML. I have added my code below please advise <HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE> Add/Remove dynamic rows in HTML table </TITLE> <SCRIPT language="javascript"> function addRow(tableID) { var table = document.getElementById(tableID); var rowCount = table.rows.length; var row = table.insertRow(rowCount); var c
  10. i Need to design a submission form with java-script section for a certain function. Please advise on how i can design the form using HTML and port it over to caspio
  11. Sheik88


    How do i Tag an entry of any datapage updated by user date and time
  12. How do i get a form used to enter new stock to calculate the total by adding the existing quantity to the new quantity.Please Advise
  13. Sheik88


    I am designing a app to track projects. Please advise if it is possible to add or tag multiple remarks to a single Project ID with date, time and user stamp. as multiple personnel will be involved in a project
  14. I am intending to design a from for project profile. There is a need for me to add sections where the systems quoted will be entered. Can i use tables as an editable region for the users to enter the data. Please advise
  15. HI I would like to know how i can have restriction on apps. The structure will be like this -Administrator *department #department head --department user the different levels can have multiple user, there will be different departments , the heads and users will not be able to view data from different department. Only the administrator will be able to view all. Please advise. Thank you
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