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  1. I totally understand and have been there many times...and, as a result I know many ways around these road-blocks. Try the section thing anyway. If that doesn't work, create multiple forms and sync them together with by depoyment, conditional form or other features. I can help if you need it. Give me more detail, in another post, of your project (if you can generally) or email me directly at setupyoursite@yahoo.com..../RA
  2. I'm looking to see if there is a limit but I don't think there is (will get back to you). In the meantime enter your 10 then start a new section and see if the option re-appears. If so, re-organize your datapage into sections and group your calculated fields accordingly. Let us know if this worked and I'll get back to you with more info asap...../RA
  3. Hi Lee! This is why we make copies of objects before editing -- always!...However, it looks like Caspio or Excel tried to assign a unique ID to each record (examine a few entries to see if they vary at all - this happens sometimes if the program sees the data is not unique to any records -- could indicate you have duplicates but don't worry about that yet) -- or something else weird happened which I can't determine without further investigation (which may not be necessary at all so let's keep it moving). Leave the field alone for now and auto-fill the auto-id/number field as we discussed and re-import your table into Caspio, then change the table design to make the auto id/number field type - autonumber. After all this goes well, remove the column/field from your table..../RA
  4. If you can explain how your forms are related, then I can give you specific help. For example, if the set of forms are for WorkFlow, then each form has only one form that opens next in the flow. For this type of form system you should use an Update Form and make field/s entries required for successful update then have the next form open (Destination Trigger) upon successful update and so on and so on. If this is truly a WorkFlow, then there should be specific field entries required (or one entry - your checkbox) and only one specific form that opens next. Otherwise it is not a WorkFlow system if any of these (field entries or next form in line) varies. However, the answer is still "Yes" on making your entire form conditional regardless of the type of form system you actually have so let me know if I can help further with this (by explaining how your forms are related - if not WorkFlow :-)..../RA
  5. Thanks Lee!...I was wondering why I couldn't reply easily???
  6. Don't worry. I don't recommend Javascript when there is a Caspio solution :-). Yes, there is a way to 'fetch' the data. When you export the table into Excel, sort the records before you have it auto-fill the autonumber field. Sort your table by member ID field, then do the auto-fill. Export it back into CB. Edit the datapage for the form - having the drop-down or list sort in descending order and it will present the record with the highest autonumber. And there are formulas I can give you that will fetch that member ID but if you are comfortable with seeing your data and editing records manually it's just more efficient to see that your data is being retrieved correctly (reduces errors). Have the drop-down or list give the secretary valuable information like the member id, member name, date entered, etc. You could do a drop-down or list that displays the last 5 or so entries on the form always collapsed with no need for auto-complete because there are no entries to make - it will display the last 5 records all the time. However, I understand if you still want a formula to fetch the last member ID used so let me know and I will give you the command syntax.
  7. Quick answer - Yes, there is a way! As with any problem, there are usually many ways to solve it but may I suggest using the new Caspio Conditional Forms feature - http://howto.caspio.com/datapages/creat ... rules.html - This is probably the best solution for you. However, you need to re-design your form. Can you give me more details?: 1 - Is the form you want to open (if box check yes) related to the form they (your users) are using? (example - the form you want to open provides more registration information or purchasing information or profile information, etc.). 2 - How often is the box check yes? (if it is often checked yes/a majority of the time, you definately need to use the Conditional Forms feature). This feature enables parts of a master form (with related information throughout) to collapse, expand, disable, etc. depending (conditional) on data in other parts of the form...great feature. If you need help with this, contact me directly at my email address: setupyoursite@yahoo.com /RA
  8. Oh, about assigning autonumbers to existing 3000+ records. Simple. First, if you haven't already done so, add a field to your table for the autonumber (but don't call it autonumber yet, call it something else). Export your members table to Excel and perform an 'autofill' to each row (record). Excel assign a sequential number (1, 2, 3, --) to each record in a matter of seconds and then just re-import the table. Change the table design for your autonumber field to autonumber and make it unique. Remember to copy your table first as a back-up before you do anything with it. If you are unsure how to do this I can do it for you just contact me at my email address.
  9. You're welcome. That is why I suggested a manual type of solution...because you have been using the system for a while and your secretary is comfortable with the method of assigning member IDs. So, don't make the member id field unique. Keep it like you had it. However, add a field to the members table to assign an 'autonumber' in addition to the member id your secretary assigns. This way, when a record is created on the members table, it will automatically assign a unique autonumber to that record and the secretary can add the member id to the record at a later time because, as you have discovered -- unique fields do not allow for 'blank' values. Let me know if you need any more help. I can be contacted directly at - setupyoursite@yahoo.com for emergency help or assistance with your project/s. I'm trying to check this forum a few times a day and, if it will help other Caspio users, let's try to keep our posts here (unless you need emergency help :-).
  10. There are several ways to do this. May I suggest you add a drop-down field to your approval form with an auto-complete field and your secretary can type in the membership number she intends to use to make sure it's available. Also, make sure your member ids are unique on your table by sorting them and reviewing for matches and make sure the member id field is unique also (warning - always copy your objects before editing design)./RA
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