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  1. "No Wrap" impacts all the columns, so that won't work. Here is the link: http://hydeparkvallejo.com/IssueTrax4Leads.html Thanks.
  2. I have a field that computes how long an issue has been pending: CASE WHEN (IsDate([@field:Date_Closed])=0) THEN stuff('_Days',1, 0, Ltrim(STR(DateDiff(day,[@field:Date_To_HOA],GetUTCDate())))) ELSE stuff(' ',1,0,'(Closed)') END Note that I have an underscore before 'Days' in the first stuff function. If I leave this out, the result appears on two lines if the number of days exceeds 99. 101 Days I tried putting there, but that didn't work. I have also been unable to make the column wider, which might solve the problem.
  3. I am unable to get a field to left justify. Any ideas?
  4. This does not work for me. I have added it to the header. <h3>Open/Closed Issues (Leads)[@authfield:User_Name]</h3> I have double checked the spelling.
  5. Jason, It does make sense and I was using something similar before. I stopped using this method because the pages differ based on who is logged in. It was becoming too complicated (for my poor mind anyway). The submit form is now tucked away nicely in a frame. It can be edited in one spot. The funny thing is that I have figured out that I no longer want the datapage to refresh as the submissions are subject to approval by admin before the are shown. It would be nice for this to happen on the admin pages, but it is not important - they can just push F5. I'm still looking for an answer that
  6. This works well and looks cool. The only remaining issue is how to get the data page to refresh. I have had some success, but the page refreshes inside the the frame Thanks again.
  7. That's the problem, but I do not understand your suggestion.
  8. I have a data page where I have included a new record form at the bottom. I would like this to be hidden (or just not be there at all) when I click on "Details".
  9. I don't think this will work. I'm not using a form to display the data. I was looking for some Javascript magic that would do the trick, but I'm just getting use to Javascript so I do not even know where to start. Anyway, my workaround as discussed above is satisfactory for now. Thanks for the suggestion.
  10. I understand that I create separate pages and jump to a particular page based on a authentication record, but this technique creates logistical problems. It is hard to keep track of everything and making changes,say, to the menu structure is cumbersome. What I would like is some way to enable/disable or show/hide menus based on the user's status. Then there would be only one page. I have been searching the internet for examples without much success. Has anyone dealt successfully with this? Thanks. Edit: my menus are Spry through Dreamweaver, so I should probably ask them for help. In the m
  11. Hi. Caspio's JumpStart Package costs a minimum of $900. This is too much for a poor slob like me who is just trying put together a pressure group for his neighborhood (no chance at any profits). Nevertheless, I could use some help for which I would pay. Any gurus in need of some scratch?
  12. The datapage has a style (see image 2), but the login does not follow it (see image 1). [attachment=1]Untitled2.png[/attachment] [attachment=0]Untitled1.png[/attachment]
  13. I have my datapage. I want the detail button to be hidden unless the user has a specific yes/no field as "yes". Or, is there is a better way to restrict editing all records to specific users?
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