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  1. Did it work..Can you explain me the step to step process? I have a parent page and a link called ADD COMPANY . I also have a drop down for company. So if I click on company, a pop up opens up which is linked with look up table and Ia dd value, its added int he table. However, the parent page's drop down doesnt reflect the new value I added. Pls help
  2. Ya Thanks for the info! Have started working on APIs recently. In the Select Query while using Caspio Web Services API, SAY stub.selectDataRaw("acnt name", "API profilename ", new String(""), "tablename", true, "proj_comp_id, timesheet_from_date , timesheet_to_date", "criteriaField.getText()" , orderByField.getText(), ",", ","); Need to know how to pass the criteria dynamically as "proj_comp_id = $project_Id" for criteriaField.getText()??? If I hard code the value of project id to be some value say 140, it works..Struck with passing it dynamically. Thanks
  3. How to integrate the web service profile in Caspio Bridge and integrate it with Java API. Do we have to download Eclipse and Tomcat in our local system, configure everything and then use WSDL to call my Caspio account. Please advise.
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