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  1. I have two websites that are accessing the same set of data pages and tables on Caspio. I currently have it set up that the user must select their region (East or West), then the data page is displayed for that region. I'd like to set it up so that a region parameter is passed to Caspio from the website, so the user won't have to select their region. I was hoping there was a way to pass the parameter from the Caspio provided embedded code.
  2. I am using Caspio Bridge for a sports league I run. I have a Schedule Table with Game_Date, Team A, Team B, Location, Game. Game is the unique field in each row of the table. I have a second table which the users populate through drop down lists called Game Summary with Game_Date, Name, Email, Game, Location, Winner, Loser, Score, Game_Summary. In the Data Page for Game Summary, I prompt the users for the fields from the Schedule Table to populate the Game Summary Table. What I'd like to do is prompt the user for the Game_Date, then query the Schedule Table so the user can select their Ga
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