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  1. Using iFrame deploy code works - however, you need to be careful that your results pages are properly defined for width and height (http://howto.caspio.com/deployment/ifra ... -size.html), and the 3rd party jscript to hide multiple logins no longer works (http://howto.caspio.com/authentication/ ... reens.html) - you need to make a standalone login page (http://howto.caspio.com/authentication/ ... in-screen/).
  2. Hi all, I have to use iframes :-( Windows 7/IE8. Problem is, the 3rd party posted solution for hiding multiple login boxes no longer works. 2 boxes display. I hate to have to tell users to refresh the page to log into the second box after logging into the first one. Seems hokey. Any suggestions? Thanks, joan
  3. Hi all, I'm deploying Caspio Bridge on an Intranet. For datapages that include a secondary details link - we consistently experience authentication errors with IE - depending on the OS or browser version. For Windows 7/IE9 - I get booted out; XP/IE8 - I can get to detail pages fine. Has anyone else encountered this? Using Chrome and Firefox - I do not get a boot out issue for detail links - HOWEVER, because we link to files on a server for the intranet - the preferred browser must be IE. The plugins for Chrome/Firefox don't correct our file linking. I don't want the end user experience to be bad - having to use 2 browsers is not acceptable. Any suggestions?
  4. Hi all, What is the maximum number of entries that will display in a form's dropdown list? Here is the problem I have: We're creating a training database - contains courses with specific sequential ID numbers. TRN-10001, 10002, 10003 etc. I don't see a way to get those numbers in Caspio. I can add the TRN- as a preface, but I only see auto generated numbers. When a trainer adds a new class - I'd like the next number in the series to be used. I don't know how to accomplish that. I thought if I had the trainer look at a dropdown list of existing class numbers they could enter the next logical one - however - if there is a maximum to the number in the list - then this won't work. Or if there was a way to display the last record in a table - I could display the last number used.... Any help is appreciated! Thanks, joan :-)
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