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  1. Odd, I have that Custom setting set for 2 decimal places. No effect. Its also set for 2 in the localization. But no decimal, and the calculation whould have many digits to the right of decimal. The Caspio (SQL?) calculation and rounding error seems odd. I run the same formula/calculations in Excell I get one answer. I run it in another web-based Excel to App converter, same results as Excel. Run it in Casio and the rounding error is much more pronounced. Calculated values off by several counts (for example 2886 in Excel, 2880 in Caspio).
  2. I did have a missing bracket - darn. Better. But the Localization setting of 2 decimals does not seem to have an effect.
  3. Thanks for the offer. The localization decimal place setting didnt work either. Here is the formula I need to round to no decimals. (4*[@field:Burn_Amnt]*[@field:Weight])+(1500*[@field:BSA])
  4. ok thanks. just wanted to see directrix's solution as well. exact same?
  5. Yes! Teasing me without telling me the answer?
  6. Thanks for the reply. I think I got lucky. They all seemed to work since fairly basic. Although I cant get the Round() function to work without a syntax error.
  7. The rounding applied in location did not work. Still getting calculation with 4 places after decimal, want none. Tried to us Round() in the calculated field but always throws syntax error. For example, this calculation works: (4*[@field:Burn_Amnt]*[@field:Weight])+(1500*[@field:BSA]) But every which way I try to apply Round() to it it throw invalid formula error. As always, thank you!
  8. Need to convert an Excel based form with calculations to Caspio. Will straight Excel formulas work or will it need lots of tweaking of conversion to to JS or SQL? Thanks!
  9. Thanks for the reply! I checked those first. I did a text search for .ListDate and .item in all the CSS (both Caspio and Weebly applied). Didnt turn up anywhere. Thats what confused me. Chrome Dev Inspect showsit renders as that and it plainly and being called from Casio somehow at https://c3ebv137.caspio.com/scripts/Core/Dialog.css Wierd.
  10. Yes! But will have form B hidden. Usualy I make it way more complicated than it needs to be ;^)
  11. Good question. Static I guess. Not in a table anywhere,trying to create it programmatic.
  12. I know this has been done in several variations with list boxes and autocomplete. But I cant get it to fire in my scenario. Possibly because Im trying to accomplish this with same table/DP? Two fields A and B. Field A is Yes/No. B is hidden waiting to receive a value. If A=Yes, hidden field B should be completed with value "candidate". Simple, but alluding me. Triggered action, calculated field or passed parameter? Hoping not to have a separate table just for this option, only to put it back in there with a view.
  13. I have a site I need to increase space between listbox items, increase space between checkbox and label, and show full list box item width, and maybe loose scroll (show all). Chrome Dev clearly shows the the code, .ListData .Item and when I increase line-height: it increases space between listbox line choices. Some of the code comes from Weebly were hosted, and some from Caspio. But I cant find this resultant CSS in the Weebly style editor or the Caspio style editor. Chrome Dev seems to point it to code originating from Caspio though: https://c3ebv137.caspio.com/scripts/Core/Dialog.css and I dont know how to access that area. Thoughts? Need to 1. which margin or padding woud increase space btwn check box and label entry. 2. Expand box area to show full entries veritcally and horizontally, no scroll?
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