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  1. Andrew. See the image below. Each file uploaded by user on form and available in report can be selected using a checkbox, and those selected can be downloaded (as opposed to one at a time).
  2. Thanks for the reply, esp. without much info. A more detailed description of what I meant: Over a period of time user makes form entries where a specific category of three choices is made for each entry. Im hoping to get the subtotal of each drop down selection made and the total overall over a time period. Its the subtotals Im stuck on. For example, over 6 month period of entries: Type of training session done form: 2 Fields: Date, Dropbox with 4 choices Drop box choices are: EMS, Cardiology, Trauma, Stroke Over 6 months Bob makes entry for 12 sessions: 3 EMS, 4 Cardiology, 2 Trauma, 3 Stroke Would like report to show for each user: Bob Smith EMS Date EMS Date EMS Date Total EMS 3 Cardiology Date Cardiology Date Cardiology Date Cardiology Date Total Cardiology 4 Trauma Date Trauma Date Total Trauma 2 Stroke Date Stroke Date Stroke Date Total Stroke 3 Total session: 12
  3. Thanks for the reply Andrew. That looks nice. Im envisioning more of a list of files (like Caspio would typically show in a report) with check boxes next to each. Your example didnt really show check boxes but instead put all uploaded into a zipped file for download. My files would already be uploaded and displayed in a list, if that makes sense.
  4. Thanks for the reply, as alwyas, thats what we ended up doing to prospectively fix the issue. Just have more than 1000 documents not obviously named. Capsio was also allowing unsupported characters like the "|" character which was locking up FilStor as well.
  5. People upload a document when they complete one of our forms. In the data page tabular report we generate one of the columns is the hyperlink path to that document. We can download/open the PDF by clicking on the hyperlink. Problem is the report can have many and clicking each individually is not ideal. Is there a way to add a select box next to each document we want to download and be able to select all or multiselect several then download all at once?
  6. So I have a form where users login and upload files. They had been asked to name their files using a specific format like Last_Name_filename.pdf Looking at a lot of the files many have no Last_Name indication. They are just filenames with no association to the person who uploaded it. In a report I can show each persons collection of files but they show as individual as "downloads" that have to be clicked one at a time to get them, where I could then rename them. I would like to be able to sort and easily identify in Files/FileStor which person the file was uploaded by and associated with. In the Files folder they are just all lumped in there. If I could after the fact append the files with the Last_Name field, that would be awesome. Is it possible to programmatic append and rename uploaded files after already uploaded? Thanks!
  7. I have a data page form that concludes with an automatic email send to a group and shows all the forms entries. Often there are fields that are blank, not all fields are required. But there are a lot of fields. And these results go to a pager which has a line and character limit. So with a lot of blanks th Is there anyway to have the email reporting the fields to ignore BLANK entries? The auto email looks like this, basically includes results of all the form fields.
  8. A while back I had a simple request to COUNT and total the number of times a checkbox item was selected. For example, for every encounter our people make a visit entry with the question: Visit type: A. Phone B. In person C. Remote So each employee over 100 entries would have say 30 Phone, 60 in person, 10 remote. Counting and totaling the number of text answer selections seems unusally cumbersome (at least compared to other apps like Knack). But its even hard to count them across and for all employees. For example total number of Phone visits all employees. I can never get it to work in the formula, using regular expressions or SQL. In Knack its a simple option, here its so programmatic and feel like there has to be an easier way. Im kinda new though.
  9. Odd, I have that Custom setting set for 2 decimal places. No effect. Its also set for 2 in the localization. But no decimal, and the calculation whould have many digits to the right of decimal. The Caspio (SQL?) calculation and rounding error seems odd. I run the same formula/calculations in Excell I get one answer. I run it in another web-based Excel to App converter, same results as Excel. Run it in Casio and the rounding error is much more pronounced. Calculated values off by several counts (for example 2886 in Excel, 2880 in Caspio).
  10. I did have a missing bracket - darn. Better. But the Localization setting of 2 decimals does not seem to have an effect.
  11. Thanks for the offer. The localization decimal place setting didnt work either. Here is the formula I need to round to no decimals. (4*[@field:Burn_Amnt]*[@field:Weight])+(1500*[@field:BSA])
  12. ok thanks. just wanted to see directrix's solution as well. exact same?
  13. Yes! Teasing me without telling me the answer?
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