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  1. I cant find via Inspect how to increase the spacing between the listed option under a dropdown box filed. Thanks!
  2. Thanks Barbie. This might be a good solution. Does this approach mean you would delete the existing rule that hides a given field - and just allow the JS to hide them not rules.
  3. TY! Will see what I can find in those settings, and try the cache.
  4. I have several fields with a Yes No radio button and NO is set as default answer. Using rules I have some fields conditionally hidden. If these fields are set to not show by a rule and the form is submitted the table doesnt receive the default No option, comes over as blank. Way to send all field results and thier defaults even if not shown by a rule?
  5. I get this warning message when I try to add a second triggered action: I had this triggered action: I tried to add this second one but got that error. All have to be combined in one giant triggered action?
  6. I have a form that requires authentication before access. Once logged in, I have a couple users reporting that after they are being logged out after form submission. There is not auto logout programmed or page redirection. The form is set to display a message after form submission. To complicate things, Im not sure its all users. Thoughts?
  7. I have a list box with 5 options. Set the Rows to show and it shows them all fine UNTIL I changed the size of the checkbox (transform: 1.4). With checkbox input a little larger the listbox no longer contains all its entries, cuts the last one off. Thoughts? As always, thank you!
  8. I was not able to figure it out.
  9. I have looked at the posts on this topic using a Yes/No field. But would be possible to do it with DATEDIFF? I have two simple fields. A submit_date (timestamp) and a deadline_date (text field as calendar popup). The app requires a minimum of 30 days to complete a request. So if someone submits a request (submit_date) and chooses a deadline date (Deadline) that does not meet then 30 day minimum notice we need that Deadline date text to be read preferrably (or the field background, or row). Ive tried versions of this: <div =id="visi [@field:Deadline]"> <script&
  10. That makes sense. They should update with that point. Will play around with it.... while listening to Peaches En Regalia
  11. Thanks for reply Hastur. Yes, field placed that way using Continuous next line option.
  12. I used the How To for Creating Collapsible Sections at: https://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/advanced-customizations/tech-tip-creating-collapsible-sections/?_ga=2.93893661.1877276159.1583021206-687599663.1583021206 Worked pretty well. When I first set it up WITHOUT "Enable Responsive" I had this nice preview: But when I enable responsive it wraps "Some" fields below their labels even though set correctly as label to left: Might an adjustment of that original code for collapsible sections resolve this? I was always curious why the original code for
  13. For a give DP form I usually have three fields next to each other on a line/row. I always have trouble getting just those elements in that row to not go full justified. I usually end up with this: When I would prefer this: Hard to find via Chromes F12 Inspect. a
  14. I have a DP with a search field up top (2 fields) and results displayed underneath, with a Details option that also show the data underneath the search field. Right after I hit Search on the search fields it resets to empty. I would like whatever was entered in the two search fields to remain after hitting Search AND after showing details. Hope that makes sense. TY!
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