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  1. That makes sense. They should update with that point. Will play around with it.... while listening to Peaches En Regalia
  2. Thanks for reply Hastur. Yes, field placed that way using Continuous next line option.
  3. I used the How To for Creating Collapsible Sections at: https://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/advanced-customizations/tech-tip-creating-collapsible-sections/?_ga=2.93893661.1877276159.1583021206-687599663.1583021206 Worked pretty well. When I first set it up WITHOUT "Enable Responsive" I had this nice preview: But when I enable responsive it wraps "Some" fields below their labels even though set correctly as label to left: Might an adjustment of that original code for collapsible sections resolve this? I was always curious why the original code for collapsible sectrions never included a <TR> row code.
  4. For a give DP form I usually have three fields next to each other on a line/row. I always have trouble getting just those elements in that row to not go full justified. I usually end up with this: When I would prefer this: Hard to find via Chromes F12 Inspect. a
  5. I have a DP with a search field up top (2 fields) and results displayed underneath, with a Details option that also show the data underneath the search field. Right after I hit Search on the search fields it resets to empty. I would like whatever was entered in the two search fields to remain after hitting Search AND after showing details. Hope that makes sense. TY!
  6. Thanks for the reply kp. That is exactly what I have in place. Well, obviously something is not correct but I cant find it yet. Will dissect further.
  7. I was able to implement the collapsible sections using the Caspio How To. However, the sections all start in the open state. I would like them to open in the closed state, or better yest just the first one open. Thed instructionsz say "By default, all of the sections we created will be hidden. You can change a section’s default visibility by setting the HTML table’s style attribute to “display:inline;” instead of “display:none;”." But mine are not opening closed by default.
  8. I have a triggered action that sends a reminder email. The how to says I can launch the html option in the message box clicking an icon - but that icon is not showing in y message box. Mine just shows the insert field icon: Mine does now have that option, and Id like the web URL to be a hyperkink. Thanks!
  9. I have a data entry page with a 20 fairly complex rules creating conditional form logic based on form selections made. I have an Update Previous Entry page for submitted records. I want the same conditional field logic rules to function in the update page the same way it does on original submission. I had the great idea to just duplicate the data entry DP and use it as the data update page. It did hold the individual field settings, but it erased all the rules. Was hoping duplicate meant duplicate everything. I dont want to have to recreate the submission form with all its individual field settings and 20 rules again, Is there anyway to have the Rules copy over so I dont have to recreate them?
  10. Thanks kpcollier. Knack had it. I wish I could mas Knack and Capsio together ;^)
  11. As an example if you had a field to invite guests to an event, and the field was a Name, Im looking to add a + or Add Another button to add up to 4 guest names below first if needed. Thanks as always.
  12. Wow, I always forget the obvious. I didnt scroll down farther when I clicked the "+" sign to see Totals and Aggregates Thanks - again!
  13. I have a pivot table using just basic totals - calculated values in the Sum area (thanks LittleMiss Ginger !) Interestingly, I went o add one more and the option to add another calculated value is grayed out and wont open. Does Caspio know I dont have another "countable" field to even apply a calc field to? I added a random field like "email" and no calculated field option, and there was no Custom option under "Summarize values as" like there was in the other fields. Fields allowing Calc Field+ and Custom option: Field not allowing Cal Field+ and with no custom:
  14. OMG! Thank you LittleMissGinger! In all the videos I watched they never noted that you dont have to assign a Column and Row value. Ugh. Working as expected now. Its always the little misses for me ;^)
  15. Im looking to generate a simple TOTAL count of attendees for 5 events. Deceptively hard in Caspio reports. I dont need all the data that comprises those totals. We are just counting Yes/No entries for people attending various events. But, 1) data report wont show aggregates/totals without the data that makes up those totals, and 2) pivot tables wont do a single row I need this: But all I can get is this: Thanks everyone
  16. I have a DP Report that tally's some basic Yes No responses . One is a Yes/No data type field in table (ED_Tour). - are you coming to this Tour. The Other is a Text field set as radio button with Yes No options custom defined (Significant_Other?) - Bringing a significant other? Both Total/Aggregate fields in the report "VERIFY" fine. But only one will actually display the result on the DP - Yes/No checkbox (ED-Tour). The text field type Yes No (Significant_Other?) wont show result. ATTENDING Yes/No type field: SELECT COUNT [@field:ED_Tour] FROM tablename WHERE [@field:ED_Tour] = 1 Significant_Other text field (radio button assigned values): SELECT COUNT [@field:Significnat_Other] FROM tablename WHERE [@field:Significnat_Other] = "Yes" As always, all input VERY appreciated.
  17. Its been asked before but no complete resolutions for that eask it seems. The offered solution was Select COUNT (Yes/Nofield) from tablename WHERE YesNo=1 I have a very basic Yes/No field for attending an event. (Attending) The formula I am using passes the Verify test. But when I preview it it says "This DataPage uses parameters. To simulate this DataPage with parameters, enter values below." Entering a value or leaving empty it concludes with "Error in Formula" Using this formula: SELECT Count([@Attending]) FROM tbl_mytablename WHERE [@field:Attending]="1"
  18. Thx kpcollier. My brain always goes direction that I screwed up some code somehow. Will start referencing that Known Issues more. I do think internally they would have a hot topic/issue awareness about that
  19. Needs to be emailed out as an important FYI. People can waste hours/days trying to figure it out when there is an easy platform specific solution. Had NailDylan not responded to my post I would have spent days trying to figure it out. I was already a few hours in ;^) Maybe there is an important announcement area I just dont know about? Just my $0.02
  20. FYI - Its not only on SOME forms, I think its all. All my forms are showing that in Safari 13.
  21. OMG. Thank you NailDyanC! That was it. Applied that localization fix and resolved. I was about to start a lot of cross browser code testing. You just saved me a Saturday afternoon! Caspio, you need to email this to customers and/or get this issue and fix front and center somewhere.
  22. I have a couple forms that used to work fine but the most recent version of Safari has been reporting on load "This version of Safari is not fully supported. Please use a different browser (ie, Chrome , Firefox, Edge, etc)." I do have some custom CSS for the form with some pretty basic webkit coding, not sure what it could be. Same form, unchanged, did not report this error on load a couple months ago.
  23. Ok, that makes sense. Thank you. Not sure they covered that subtle point well in the video.
  24. Thanks kristina. Working now. I was also passing that email field incorrectly.
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