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  1. Thanks for the reply Mathilda My issue is I don't need a time stamp or current time. I need to have the user pick a time of day that something occurred, could have been earlier than when they are actuallyt on the form and what the timestamp would record. Like the calendar date picker but time instead.
  2. Trying to get a number field (Age) to only allow numeric entries. Possible? In a basic HTML5 form it would just be <input type="number">. Am I missing something? In a perfect world, a pop up message when alpha characters entered would also e nice.
  3. Have some script I want to test in an HTML element - trying to get just a TIME OF DAT picker. But all the code I have found exceeds the 10,000 character limit in Caspio. Workaround - reference external file/js?
  4. The problem is that I need it to concatenate on the form when being completed, not on form sumbit. Really just need a time of day picker like tou have for Calendar.
  5. I would like to be able to have the user select TIME OF DAY something occurred (H:M AM/PM) and have those selections populate a Time of Day field. Exactly like the calendar popup, but just time, date not needed really. Or concatenate Selection box 1 = Select Hour (1-12) Selection box 2 = select minutes (probably 5, 10, 5, ...00) Selection box 3 = Am or PM Result of the three choices populates the Time of Day box: ie 2:25 PM Surprised its just not an option in calendar....
  6. I have a table field AGE set as an integer. I need the form to disallow alpha characters in that field when exiting that field. Cant get it to work. I still have submissions allowing "approx. 50" and I need to limit them to discrete numbers only. I added this script in footer, which helps, but its only on submit. Isnt the fact that the field type is INTEGER mean it wont accept letters by default? Can I use HTML5 to make it easy? <input type="number" name="quantity" min="1" max="5">
  7. I have a table field AGE set as an integer. I need the form to disallow alpha characters in that field when exiting that field. Cant get ti to work. I still have submissions allowing "approx. 50" and I need to limit them to discrete numbers only. I added this script in footer, which helps, but its only on submit. Isnt the fact that the field type is INTEGER mean it wont accept letters by default? <script>function isNumberKey(evt){ var charCode = (evt.which) ? evt.which : event.keyCode if (charCode > 31 && (charCode < 48 || charCode > 57)) return false; return true;}document.getElementById('@field:Age').onkeypress =isNumberKey;</script>
  8. I have a good app going with one main data table with lots of views and dependencies tied to it. I want to change some field types in the table - from Text to Integer, etc. But all the warning scare me about lost data if I proceed and "incompatible data will be lost." To preserve all the dependencies will this work? COPY that original table and data (call it Table 1) to "Table 1 Backup". Copy Table 1 again and all it Table New Change field types in Table New, save it. Delete original Table 1 and RENAME Table NEW to Table 1 (the original one referenced in all the views and data pages). Will that start me over with a new table with no data and preserve all the dependent reference to "Table 1" in the app?
  9. Have a table of data. Need a report or view showing IF field 1 = X, AND field 2 = A or B or C show those entries. So below, if the field Evals = YES AND field Hospital = A, B, C, D, E, E or F - show them to me. But cant get it to show data: Tried it multiple ways, nothing. ;^)
  10. Thanks for the reply! This might be a good start. But in this example, the characters to count are hard coded into the page (HelloWorld). I would need to have it count all characters entered into form fields. So var str = "Hello World!"; would have to somehow be var str = "ANY entry or selection into any field gets counted "; A Yes/No or other radial button selection also gets a registered value and gets sent to the pager and email, and would have to be counted as well. And I cant figure that out. ;^) How much to consultants charge per hour?
  11. Thanks MayMusic. I presume on re import the existing captured data would follow the rearranged rows?
  12. I set it up but its returning BLANK emails, no fields included. I added the Virtual Field: I added the HTML block with the script (full script below) Called the Virtual1 field into email notification body: Completing forms (with some blanks), the notification email is completely empty when received. Script used in HTML block: <script> document.getElementById("Submit").onmouseover = function(){ var Overnight= document.getElementById("InsertRecordOvernight").value; var Tx = document.getElementById("InsertRecordTreated").value; var No_tx = document.getElementById("InsertRecordReason_no_treat").value; var NoTxO = document.getElementById("InsertRecordNo_tx_other").value; var LVO = document.getElementById("InsertRecordLVO").value; var Init = document.getElementById("InsertRecordPt_initials").value; var Hosp = document.getElementById("InsertRecordHospital").value; var HspO = document.getElementById("InsertRecordHosp_other").value; var Age = document.getElementById("InsertRecordAge).value; var Sex = document.getElementById("InsertRecordGender").value; var LSN = document.getElementById("InsertRecordLSN_time").value; var LSNtime = document.getElementById("InsertRecordSpecific_LSN").value; var NIHSS = document.getElementById("InsertRecordNIHSS").value; var Eval = document.getElementById("InsertRecordEval_method").value; var Glu = document.getElementById("InsertRecordGlucose").value; var Interv = document.getElementById("InsertRecordIntervention").value; var DTG = document.getElementById("InsertRecordDTG_time").value; var DTN = document.getElementById("InsertRecordDTN_time").value; var Xfer = document.getElementById("InsertTransfer_UCMC").value; var Enroll = document.getElementById("InsertRecordEnrolled").value; var No_enroll = document.getElementById("InsertRecordReason_no_enroll").value; var MD = document.getElementById("InsertRecordMD_initials").value; var Comments = document.getElementById("InsertRecordComments").value; var email=""; if (Overnight){ email=email +"\n" + "O/N= " + Overnight; } if (Tx){ email=email +"\n" + "Tx= " + Tx; } if (No_tx){ email=email +"\n" + "No_tx= " + No_tx; } if (LVO){ email=email +"\n" + "LVO= " + LVO; } if (Init){ email=email +"\n" + "Init= " + Init; } if (Hosp){ email=email +"\n" + "Hosp= " + Hosp; } if (HspO){ email=email +"\n" + "HspO= " + HspO; } if (Age){ email=email +"\n" + "Age= " + Age; } if (Race){ email=email +"\n" + "Race= " + Race; } if (Sex){ email=email +"\n" + "Sex= " + Sex; } if (LSN){ email=email +"\n" + "LSN= " + LSN; } if (LSNtime){ email=email +"\n" + "LSNtime= " + LSNtime; } if (NIHSS){ email=email +"\n" + "NIHSS= " + NIHSS; } if (Eval){ email=email +"\n" + "Eval= " + Eval; } if (Glu){ email=email +"\n" + "Glu= " + Glu; } if (Interv){ email=email +"\n" + "Interv= " + Interv; } if (DTG){ email=email +"\n" + "DTG= " + DTG; } if (DTN){ email=email +"\n" + "DTN= " + DTN; } if (Xfer){ email=email +"\n" + "Xfer= " + Xfer; } if (Enroll){ email=email +"\n" + "Enroll= " + Enroll; } if (No_enroll){ email=email +"\n" + "No_enroll= " + No_enroll; } if (Trial){ email=email +"\n" + "Trial= " + Trial; } if (MD){ email=email +"\n" + "MD= " + MD; } if (Comments){ email=email +"\n" + "Comments= " + Comments; } document.getElementById("cbParamVirtual1").value = email; } </script> Probably missing something basic.
  13. Thank you. Does the script go in the Virtual Email field? Not sure exactly where this script gets placed.
  14. Sorry about that! Forgot I had already posted the question.
  15. We have a form that sends an auto email of the forms fields and the data they have in them to an email. In the message body we have all the fields listed: Overnight : [@field:Overnight] Initials : [@field:Pt_initials] Hosp : [@field:Hospital] Age : [@field:Age] etc.... IS there a trick to only send data for the fields that contain actual data? For example if "AGE" not answered and blank, we still get an "Age: " in the email, when we prefer if blank nothing is sent.
  16. Odd situation. I have a form whose results will be send via email but ALSO via a pager. Pager has a 240 character limit. All the form data makes it to the email notification, but gets truncated to the pager. Despite having abbreviated all the field values as best we could depending on what dynamic questions get answered we run out of space. Is there a way I could display a total characters used for the Notification Email fields being sent?
  17. I have a lookup table I would like custom sort order - not alphabetical. In the Table I was hoping to see a Move Up/Down option for the field in the table datasheet view. But there wasnt one. Do I need to delete the existing fields and re-enter in the order I want? Or maybe do a custom lookup Both in field option source? Both seem clunky if I could just order them right in the master table. Thanks!
  18. Have a Datapage Form that sends the results of the completed form as an email notification. Would like to have the notification not send field data if it was left blank. Assume its JS added somewhere, maybe in the email fields: Age : [@field:Age]
  19. For over kill we would like to log the users off after 5 minutes of inactivity. Its a very brief interaction with some sensitive data. Wil check out that link. Thanks!
  20. I have user authentication by Role setup. When the user signs in they are taken to a page depending on role. I also have a Sign Out option in the Nav. Two questions: Is there a way to have the Sign Out Button auto switch to Sign in after someone signs out or times out? Also, not sure the timeout of 15 minutes is working. Did a test and came back later (when I should have been timed out) and could still navigate to pages based on my role.
  21. This is working ok. However, it creates a new entry in the table for each new comment added. Can it APPEND to an existing table (ie the tabe grows with each entry)?
  22. Thanks for the reply Ariel. No, there is no data in the field. On the backend, somewhere, the system must know when it occurred ;^)
  23. I have a table collecting a field "Date" = timestamp. In the Tables of collected data, and in the datapage reports, many of the Date fields appear with no data in it. Shouldnt it show the Timestamp time? Now, I did have it set early on as a required Date/time field previously but changed it to timestamp. Does that erase all the date data? I realize this may not be enough detail or info, but generally, regardless of whether field is set ad Date/Time or Timestamp the field should show somethign correct? And if the change to timestamp wiped the original data, is there a way to repopulate date info from the backend - wouldnt it be recorded somewhere?
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