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  1. I haven't bothered you guys in a while, so its time ;^) Our goal is pretty simple. Authenticated users can access our main database table using a data page via Reports > Tabular. We want it to show all entries over last month. But we dont want them to have to SEARCH, just go right to all the data once their login is accepted. The Data Page New > Reports all seem to force the Search component. Can the search component be bypassed?
  2. Thanks again Jay. The reverse of that question - are there caveats to just embedding the code into your own developed websites or are there a bunch of backend considerations that need addressed?
  3. Thats really odd. The space DID work, but only on one field, but on others I got that Diplay field error. Totally odd. But the direct entry of ;nbsp; in DISPLAY (value set to nothing) worked.
  4. Thanks Jay. I was able to fix it altering the CSS of the target template from Weebly. There was a -webkit-appearance: none; line that I had to remove. My first lesson in how much the target CSS in control.
  5. For the same reason I chose Caspio for a database as Paas/Saas, I typically will be dropping Caspio projects into existing template based sites like Weebly, Squarespace and WordPress. I could build my sites from scratch, but why. Do any of these website providers perform better than others with Caspio or do they each/all have their idiosyncrasies. A lot of my learning Caspio issues revolved around the websites template driven CSS superseding the Caspio CSS. The Weebly used int he lessons worked well, but I am more familiar with Squarespace and want to do more with Wordpress.
  6. That was going to be my last option. But the OCD in me was fired up to figure it out. Think thats a bug? Shouldnt a keyboard space do the trick?
  7. Jay, when you mentioned to make a space in Display I literally took that as a space by keyboard. In a separate conversation I mentioned it to Ned Pajic and he suggested   instead - and that worked. I suspect you meant the HTML   as well and I thought HTML could only be entered in areas with an HTML source box option. (Caspio: mention this in intro tutorials ;^) Although I swear, on one of the forms the simple keyboard space in Display did work! So it seems fixed now and I cant thank you enough for all the help on a new guy. This is a great app. I am a little surprised that I can figure out the complex items on my own but am being stymied by little basics.
  8. Jay. I really appreciate your help! Actually, I can not share the URL at this time. But a big is that I copied it to NEW weebly test site and the drop down caret arrow appear! It was be CSS styling within the template - but I cant find it (yet). I also added the Responsive Page code to this site - could that kill drop down arrows? Will test and report back.
  9. Thank you Peter! That seems to work well. I think as I become more familiar with Casio these answers will come to me more readily! ;^)
  10. Some of the seemingly easiest features of an online form seem problematic so far in my initial exploration of Caspio. Previous post cant figure out how to consistently get first drop down option to be blank, but that's a different matter. But here, now I cant get the nice black down arrow indicating a drop down box to appear in Production. Shows fine in form preview, but not live. Thoughts? IN datapage PREVIEW, Good: DEPLOYED LIVE, Bad:
  11. I followed the instructions to get this to work at bottom of this section: How can I define several actions for the same field Simple scenerio: Unless If Form Field A = X and/or Form Field B = X then Hide Form field C. Instructions say to accomplish this "First create a Section that includes the field. Apply one Action to the field and another Action to the Section. " which I did. Works well with one exception. To accomplish this the SECTION had to be at the end of the rest of the form. The two fields that trigger this (field A and B above) are presented much higher in the form. This rule hides or lets appear the field at the bottom of the form - a bit removed from the questions where it applies. I need that field up further in the field order. Can I make this section containing this sometimes hidden field appear in a specific location (or embedded within another section)?
  12. Checked again. Nothing seems different. On form they both display different with Hospital Correct with a blank first entry. Race incorrect with no blank possible. But there datapage and the tables themselves settings seems the same.
  13. I tried with check, no check. I dont see any differences in the tables. But there must be somewhere.
  14. Thanks Jay. Thats really wierd, but it works in some of the fields, but in others it wont recognize the blank space - showing an error that Disaply has to have a value:
  15. Thanks for the reply Jay! Its odd. Mine behave strangely. Mine does not show "Default" like yours. If I enter default in there with a vlaue of nothing it shows the word default in the top choice of dropdown. SOMEHOW I got Hositals dropdown list to work with a blank first entry by entering just a space for Display and Value. See below. Tried the same thing for the RACE and it wouldnt work. Kept reporting "Display has to have a value". Doesnt work for other fields:
  16. After a lot of learning the nuances I finally got this to work. Thank you! All new comment go to a new table and are logged in a history, just like the examples. Is there a way to get those new comments fields from the new table into my main parent table, so when I export excel reports its not a seperate report/spreadsheet?
  17. Your the best. Wish i could just put you in my pocket for answers. Check out this one... http://forums.caspio.com/index.php?/topic/5948-dropdown-form-item-set-to-blank-with-dropdown-arrow-indicator/
  18. Figured it out. The source code editor was converting quote marks to &quot; and the <a href> brackets to &lt; and &rt;
  19. This helps a lot. Im struggling a little with the HTML block they want to call the Details page they use in there example tutorial. Instead of giving me a link Im getting the HTML just dispalyed:
  20. Thanks for your patience. Im new to this app. Im following the Create a One to Many Relational DataPage tutorial. One step is creating a Log History report form. Using a new data page > Report tabular it shows up with two fields I didnt ask for or need: Distance Search by Zip and Coordinates. See image. I cant identify where I asked it to include these or go to make it go away ;^)
  21. Thanks for the reply. Correct, Im looking for it to show this symbol on a first blank entry: like these: ▼ Not sure what I did but I got it back. It wasnt there before, even though they were drop boxes. But I cant see what allows the blank default entry. Even though the fields are set the same (drop down boxes, referring to lookup tables for their values), some show the tables first value pre-populated, others show the blank. I want the blank indicated here by LSN Time ;^) Whats controlling that?
  22. Maybe Im breaking drop down form field convention, but I would like the drop down field to NOT be pre-populated with one of the lookup table options. But I dont want --ANY -- either and would prefer drop down boxes have that right sided downward arrow icon indicating its a drop down field. I cant get wither to occur. Thank you.
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