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  1. Hope that title makes sense.  We have a very basic form.  One person submits the form and the results of the form go to a target group of people involved. After receiving the initial form responses, members of the group need to be able to respond with thoughts of their own on the matter at hand.  But we need to log and track the additional comments that are made.

    So we have an Additional Comments field the users can access by going to Caspio, looking at that last entry and choosing EDIT record, then type some new info in the Additional Comments field.  Not bad.  But if each user with additional comments has input, all they can do is Add it to the end of the previous persons entry in the text field.  With a lot of discussion this text field could get long with no real way to tell who added what to this growing Additional Comments field.

    In a perfect world, when a user Edited the form, they would see a blank Additional Comments form in the Edit field.  They would add there comments and exit.  New comments get recorded as separate entity and, when finished, the next person with a comment to provide would get a blank Additional Comments field. Their entry appended to last comment entry.

    Does that make any sense?


  2. Playing around with Casio free trial for Web Forms. However, after watching first video and following along I noticed discrepancies between the early How To Videos and current interface for Creating a Web Form ( http://howto.caspio.com/videos/getting-started/web-form/ ) . Specifically right off the bat:

    1. Create web form part 2 of 3 (http://howto.caspio.com/videos/getting-started/web-form/create-a-web-form-2-of-3-create-a-datapage.html ) it states at 3:00 minutes in for the Date Submitted field settings form element to change it to a Time Stamp, but in current interface Time Stamp isnt an option as Im following along.

    2. Create web form part 2 of 3 ( http://howto.caspio.com/videos/getting-started/web-form/create-a-web-form-3-of-3-deploy-a-datapage.html ) it states at about 2:32 minutes into video to Edit fields and Insert Header. But the Insert option/icon referenced is not in current Bridge GUI version.

    Is there a video showing whgere the new Timestamp feature for a form is or how to insert header/footers? Thanks!

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