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  1. I'm looking for a way to add a calculated balance column on each row that contains a running balance by taking the balance value from the previous row and adding/subtracting values from current row to arrive at a new balance. result set includes "increase" and "decrease" columns: Increase ----- Decrease ------- Balance (calculated) 100 --------------------------- 100 400 --------------------------- 500 ---------------- 200 ---------- 300 -200 --------------------------100 --------------- -300 ---------- 400 These values will be currency with 2 decimals but I think we can ignore that for now.
  2. I guess someone could argue this makes sense but that doesn't make it right. Just show all the columns. There are lots of columns that aren't available for relationships for many different reasons.
  3. Tables that include fields with a yes/no datatype do not show this field on the relationshp diagram.
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