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  1. Thank you @Alison for the efforts and the links. Happy new year!
  2. HI Alison, The results should only be NO SIGNUP YET, SIGNUP HERE and SIGNUP CLOSED. Hence: please remove any reference to waitlist like: a. here in else if([@field:attendees] < [@field:max_attendees]) b. or here in test=test+'">Waitlist me</a>'; c. the last part should just say document.write("<div>Signup Closed</div>"), removing "& Waitlist " Thanks!
  3. Hi Jan and Aurora, Is this script still working for you? It has stopped working in my program, I do not see the alert anymore. I would appreciate your feedback. Thanks!
  4. Sorry for the late reply. If you could try it, please do. Please remove anything on Waitlist as we don't have waitlist anymore. Thanks much!
  5. HI! Could anyone help me transform this code to a CASE-when scenario? <script> if ([@field:amount] == "0") { document.write("No Signup Yet"); } else if([@field:attendees] < [@field:max_attendees]) { document.write("<a href='URL?ID=[@authfield:ID]&activity=[@field:activity]&amount=[@field:amount]'>Signup Here</a>"); } else if ([@field:waitlisted] < [@field:max_waitlist]) { var test='Closed. <a href="URL?ID=[@authfield:ID]&activity=[@field:activity]&amount='; var countr = '[@field:country]'; if ((countr !="country1")&&(countr !="country2")) { if('[@field:activity]'=="activity1") { test=test+'[@field:amount1]'; } else { if('[@field:activity]'=="activity2") { test=test+'[@field:amount2]'; } else { test=test+'[@field:amount]'; } } } else { test=test+'[@field:amount]'; } test=test+'">Waitlist me</a>'; document.write(test); } else { document.write("<div>Signup & Waitlist Closed</div>") } </script>
  6. hiHeezyMeezy, Thanks for taking time to study my case and to reply. Yes, I am updating a table ATTENDANCE where "an attendee [can] be associated to multiple scheduled activities". I have solved my problem with the suggestion posted by Vitaliksssss Thanks again. Appreciate it.
  7. Hi, I am taking advantage of the triggered action in updating a related table, and I have found greater accuracy than using the increment attendees approach (old version). I am just finding a challenge in relation to bulk edit. I have 2 tables: attendance and schedule. In updating table ATTENDANCE record to FINISHED status, there is an increment of 1 to the field FINISHED (number of attendees who finished) in the SCHEDULES table. The triggered action works if I update one record. However, I have a datapage where activity in-charge use bulk editing to update several or all records to FINISHED. The triggered action naturally adds only 1 to the number of those who FINISHED. Could you help me please to modify the triggered action formula for bulk editing?
  8. HI! Live support is off on weekends. I have this problem I hope someone can help me. I get this error message in my site--- wp-content/plugins/caspio/classes/class-datapage-loader.php on line 4 i deleted the plugin 1.9 and uploaded the Caspio deploy plugin Version 2.0 but it still appears.
  9. Thanks a lot for replying! As I cannot choose your option number 1 for some reasons, I did yesterday something similar to your option#2. I disabled inline editing, then allowed details page where I put status field under a new section. Then I placed a rule that if status is waitlisted, hide section 2.
  10. If it will help any newbie like me, this code has worked. <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> var status = document.getElementById("EditRecordSTATUS").value; if(status === "FINISHED"){ document.getElementById('Mod0DeleteRecord').style.display="none"; } </SCRIPT>
  11. Happy holidays again! Is it possible to disable inline edits if field status is WAITLISTED? The inline edit for that particular field is a dropdown. Thanks!
  12. Happy holidays! How can I disable the delete button in the details page if the value in my STATUS field is "FINISHED"?
  13. HI, I had a 4MB registration database that I thought is the reason why I have huge monthly billing (data overage). It only has 2300 records and 37 fields (name, dates, yes/no, etc.) I downloaded a copy, removed some irrelevant entries (mostly texts) and uploaded them again. The file size went down to 2.9MB. Since that registration database opens every time someone registers or updates her record, I decided to just remove the ones who finished the ativity and create a separate app to search these "finished" records. However, the file size remains to be 2.9MB even if I removed 1153 records. Shouldn't the file size update automatically? I would appreciate any notes of experience if you have a similar issue. Thanks!
  14. HI! I do not know if this has any relation to the Caspio Bridge 9.0 updates, but I have now a genre of errors that a field name does not exist in a details datapage type. However, I have tried the formula and it still works (I have it for the past two years ). This is in the footer area, the datapage element combined_id is in between 2 html blocks <table style="display:none;"> and </table> <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> var str = "[@field:combined_ID]" var res = str.slice(0,16); document.getElementById("EditRecordcombined_ID").value = res; </script> I would appreciate any help. Thank you.
  15. Yes!! Thanks a million, Jan. It finally worked with a few edits. I share it below: var test='Closed. <a href="URL?ID=[@authfield:ID]&activity=[@field:activity]&amount='; var countr = '[@field:country]'; var acttype = '[@field:activity_type]'; var amount1 = 9999; var amount2 = 99999; if ((countr !="country1")&&(countr !="country2")) { if (acttype=="TYPENAME1") {test=test+amount1;} else {test=test+amount2;} } else {test=test+'[@field:amount]'; }; test=test+'">Waitlist me</a>'; document.write(test);
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