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  1. Thank you, Bangalore for the suggestion and sorry for the late reply. I had tried it why you posted your reply. But it does show only the age by month and day granularity. Perhaps I just don't know how to tweak it to suit my purpose.
  2. Yes, I have read this article "Creating Conditional Forms with Rules". Very helpful for some forms I have created. But the article does not say any applicability to reports. Thank you for your suggestion.
  3. Hi! I would like my report to show the difference between the start date of an activity and the birthday of a participant. It seems that datediff does not work as per my studies. Say the activity starts on Jan 1 and the birth day is Jan 3, I would like the column to show, 0 (for the month), 2 (for the days). Is this possible in Caspio?
  4. Hi! Could somebody help me to program how to hide a column. My program involves people registering to particular venues. One venue A asks if registrant will stay overnight. This question is not asked (hidden) if registering to other venues B,C or D. Hence, in the report seen by each venue, I would like a table field "staying overnight?" to be hidden if the authenticated user is the manager of venues B,C, or D.
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