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  1. thanks, I created a register form and i managed to keep unique ids and allow for multiple orders without requesting multiple registrations.
  2. Hi, I need to set a field in an update form to accept specific content in a format 3 letters 3 numbers i.e. "AAA111" The input also has to be validated against an existing table that contains that information as unique records, i need help setting the field to accept input only in this format, probably then i may be able to enforce a validation against the existing table, please help. Thank you
  3. hello, i have a problem related to an authentication table and i need your assistance. this table is getting a new record for each order created via a submission form, how ever for existing customers i am encountering a conflict because their credentials already exist and the table does not accept duplicate entries(unique fields ) i tried to create an report datapage that will check if a users credentials are already in the table and that works but i also need to update content for new users so i need to generate a automatic submission form on "no records found" from the search an
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