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  1. thanks, I created a register form and i managed to keep unique ids and allow for multiple orders without requesting multiple registrations.
  2. hello, i have a problem related to an authentication table and i need your assistance. this table is getting a new record for each order created via a submission form, how ever for existing customers i am encountering a conflict because their credentials already exist and the table does not accept duplicate entries(unique fields ) i tried to create an report datapage that will check if a users credentials are already in the table and that works but i also need to update content for new users so i need to generate a automatic submission form on "no records found" from the search and report data page. the process should be automatic. on order submission check records on authentication table, if exist do nothing if new submit new info. CAN SOMEBODY HELP? I also tried to use a filtered view for authentication but i don't know how to create a view filtered by unique records and attached a password field, maybe that would be an easier cleaner approach but i dont know how to do it, thank you,
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