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  1. The real answer is Caspio should just create a distinct field button of some sort like they do in dropdowns when you can check Distinct Options and Im sure it would take them 20 minutes to do and everyone could use this!
  2. Hi folks I wanted to share a cool code with everyone when you press the Submit Button on a Form. Well when you press the Submit Button with a file in it to load and there is a unique field in it (such as a Username for a registration form), there's a bit of a delay until you ge to the confirmation screen. This confuses the Submitter and may press the button again - which results in an error because now the form is submitted twice but the same username was alreast submitted on the first form Anyway you want a Loading screen to pop up. Caspio should have this simple feature for a "low co
  3. I think what your doing can be done!...Just use an single update record form and have users sign in and when they do they wont see the form which will auto submit and redirects to a report page; I forgot to tell you to give the autosubmit a 1 or 2 second delay or it "goes to fast" for it to work.. Yes i could not believe that there is no way in Caspio to see users logged in and a lot of things do need to be worked on that are instantly there on some other platforms (logiforms). I tried some others but came back here because of the unlimited data transfer, members, and the image shrink
  4. HI I had the same issue when I created my app. Here's what I did and I hope it helps: 1. Create a Timestamp field in your table that is checked Stamp on update; call it Logged_in_time (or whatever) 2. Have all users log in to a Single Record update form instead of a report page. A logged out user will see the login form first 2. Place a hidden field that updates something in the auth users record (perhaps Latitude /Longitude, or a yes/no field that is titled Logged_in) 3. When the users logs into the form, hide the form instead with a display:none, and place code at the
  5. Wow ! this is what I was looking for! I want to filter records except showing the last 7 days. It works perfectly. Set a formula field and add 7 days to the date submitted and then filter using Before Now and records that are 7 days new wont show up because their date is actually stamped ahead.
  6. HI I think I have an answer for this! Create 1 submission form and disable and hide fields based on the top field(in your case Client Broker Management). If you wanted this inputed on 3 different tables based on what was chosen but collected on 1 form you would need 2 extra hidden forms that could auto submit and receive data from the 1st form!.. Just make the Broker and Management Fields Virtual Fields and Pass them to Form 2 which could be Broker. On form 2 the Broker fields are real fields which the Management fields are Virtual which those would pass to the last form. The l
  7. HI I am not a java script person but I thought Id add my 2cents If you want to combine 2 fields in to one, you can do it without Java script (sort of). In my app a user has to select a gym they go to via a drop down of preselected data in field1. If they select other in field 1 it is disabled, and they enter a gym in field 1. These 2 fields will be passed to my page 2 sign up form in a hidden field that will receive both (but one will be blank because it is disabled) To use your situation: First take the 2 fields and pass them to a single record update page on page 2 for exam
  8. Wow May Music...this worked ! I have been looking for this code FOREVER so that people can see their photo, even asking my friend who claims to know computers but told me he needed to know the language of the Caspio interface or whatever ..and I said no I'm sure its a basic Java Do you know what code I can use to compress the photo in the file field so that it uploads faster. I know Caspio has image resizer but if it resizes the image to 100px wide, the original can still be a huge file.
  9. Thanks GoCubbies for the heads up about this code not working on an insecure server anymore. I was testing out a new app using one of my update record forms which contains this code and I thought I "broke" the page because it wasnt capturing the Lat & Long anymore on Chrome. I direct users now the https Caspio page directly instead of my URL and it works! The only drawback is that the browser now prompts you to accept sharing your location from Caspio rather than your own URL!
  10. Any Ideas on (2 things): Is there a way to mask the email field for data page viewers to contact other members? For example, I'm on a social networking site made with Caspio and I don't want my e-mail address shown to the public- rather a "fake" address shown on a report page where a user that clicked contact me at "fake" email address that sends an email to Caspio and then forwards to the recipient. Any ideas on how this could be executed? I guess one could make a data page that accepts comments that links those comments to a target User ID. And that Target User ID could enter a pas
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