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  1. I am having an issue with access to a page that is in a private folder.


    While I am logged in as a user with the proper permissions to access the page, I can access the page fine with the "long" link url.  However, if I use the "short" link url it asks me to login again.  Once I log in the second time all the short links work fine for the duration of that browser session. 


    Is there a setting I'm missing?

  2. In the Caspio's blog under "5 Ways to Use Conditional Forms" #5 show a technique to click a check box and make fields editable.  Sample Here

    Looking to use this technique but need some insight or instruction.


    "5. Streamline the overall user experience

    Because forms have such an important role in managing data, think of the ways to make it extremely easy for the user to enter information, finish a step, or verify data. Below: Clicking the “Edit contact information†checkbox makes that section editable on-demand (such as on a details page or multi-step confirmation page)."





  3. Referencing an Image Stored in Caspio Bridge


    I have been trying to reference an image stored in caspio.  I have followed the how to article without success.  


    I don't understand the part about "Files section are not accessible unless they are already being displayed through Caspio Bridge somewhere in a DataPage"


    I am not using a details page and I've tried adding it to my results page but I just get an image placeholder.


    Can anyone shed some light on this issue for me?

  4. Thank you... but I don't believe that helps me. My site has users, and they have credentials to access their pages, I believe those techniques would only work AFTER they have used their primary UN & PW.

    My Datapages are embeded in password protected pages. Which works as needed, except the embeded caspio code can be accessed and opened outside the the protected page.

    I'm unclear as to how caspio can protect the page that it is embedded in from being accessed. I don't want the password protected page visible and working with no data displaying until they login... again.

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