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  1. Matilda, Thank you, I had tried that in the past without luck, seems to work well now so im not sure what I was doing wrong Many thanks
  2. Thanks for your reply, I have tried all the options, in the past ive used Embed with Moonfruit and its worked fine. Embed troughs the HTTP400 error on the results page. If I use Iframe (not frame) it all works but its limited to a very small box with scroll bars and I cant make it bigger. Ive tried adding height and width tags as recommended in the FAQ but it only changed the side of the Moonfruit snippet box not the caspio results page. Its setup as one report datapage, only embedded in one web page, strange thing is that it works in the preview well. Also ive not come across this problem before. Thanks Murray
  3. Hi all, I am having trouble deploying a report that works absolutely fine in the preview. Using an iframe, box on my site the search page shows up perfectly but once you press search / submit the report throws an HTTP 400 error. If I use Embed it works but only in a very small frame that cant be adjusted. Any thoughts? Thanks
  4. Good morning, I am currently using moonfruit for my website. It has a built in shop function and i would like to link it to the caspio database so that when a sale is made it automatically updates the tables. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do this? Thanks
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