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  1. Is it possible to download the datapages in excel or csv or txt format? It gives the option of download but not in an excel format Please help
  2. I have a table which has prices and other information for each SKU. As I have thousands of SKU, I want to update the prices related to the SKU by upload a file but I will not be updating all at once. So for example, I have 1000 SKU's and I need to update prices for 500 of them, I want to be able to upload a file with the matching SKU and updated prices/information. SKU is the unique identifier in that table and I would like it to update the data. However, The import tool only provides options for append (which doesnt work as it refuses duplicate SKUs) and replace, so it replaced the entire table (1000 SKUs) and replaces with the 500 Is there anyway that I can upload the data using a file upload only for the SKU in the file. I can not imagine updating them manually in the table each time Thanks for your help
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