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  1. I have a html block where i am showing custom URL's based on a category in a field. Problem is that i want to show every category only once but there are multiple products with the same categories. In my case this mean it shows multiple times the same categorie. I have e.g. three products; Product A category File Sharing Product B category Backup Product C category File Sharing I have the HTML Block that shows the output href="?User_ID=[@field:CP_Partner_Listings_User_ID]&CP_Cloud_Service_Listings_Subcategorie=[@field:CP_Cloud_Service_Listings_Subcategorie]">[@
  2. I use the following embedded code; <script type="text/javascript" src="https://eu1.caspio.com/scripts/e1.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">try{f_cbload("48d13000c241eb098e2049b2b2ab","https:");}catch(v_e){;}</script> <div id="cxkg"><a href="https://eu1.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=48d13000c241eb098e2049b2b2ab&Unique_ref=%%GLOBAL_SKU%%&cbResetParam=1">Temporary Test</a><a href="http://www.caspio.com" title="Online Database"> </a></div> You can see the problem at the following URL's; http://www.c
  3. My page uses a variable but it won't refresh with the embedded code, it works properly with an iframe. This is the page where the datapage is shown; http://www.cloudplaats.com/prettig-pers ... cfqdKWqe1M(product details) If I use an iframe it works perfectly (although this is not an ideal situation) but when i try to use the embedded code it keeps using the cached variable (eg of an another page) , only after a refresh after the first start it shows the right page. How can I get this working properly, I've tried a lot also the string below; http://eu1.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=48d ... nique_
  4. Hello , I am really stuck in importing data from my excel (or csv) file. I have long field names and they get shortened and changed by Caspio. Since I have a lot of columns this is a massive work to change it back ( which I did twice but it throws it away after changing something). e.g. the field name: General: Networks the service is connected to (directly)? becomes: General_Networks_the_service_is_ after trying to import it. This happens to almost all field names. How can i keep the original field name and characters?
  5. On my site I added an caspio app as embedded code which passes a parameter to the caspio app URL. This works fine , the only problem is that it doesn't refresh properly. Once the parameter has been set it stays like this. If i use an iframe it works perfectly. Is there something I am doing wrong or doesn't caspio support this?I used this code (the %%GLOBAL...% is a parameter passed by the site):http://eu1.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=48d ... nique_ref=%%GLOBAL_ProductAvailability%%&cbResetParam=1(this one doesn't refresh properly) The Iframe below here does work. name="CloudStore - Public URL"
  6. ok i figured it out, the explanation just looked to difficult and the URL is easy It just is: http://eu1.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=48d ... _Name=Zoho Thats all no @field and other things, that only for passing them through I think.
  7. Sorry but I don't get it at all and it still doesn't work. I get confused by field names, parameters and values. Not sure when to put something where e.g. @field means?? do i have to put in the value there? http://eu1.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=48d ... xe56&Name=[Zoho] Can you fill in it in very specifically for me. Hereby my details; (little change from earlier post); The table field name is CloudStore_Service_Name The parameters in the search waits for @Service_Name I want to search for the term "Zoho". What will the URL be? It would be very nice if you can help me out since i don't
  8. I've read the blog and information pages about the URL but i still have trouble with my URL and passing of parameters I have a datapage with a search field named [@Service_Type] . When I test it by opening it and entering "saas" it works. I want to insert a custom field ("saas") into this field and show the results. I tried all kind of URL's (see below for some of them) but I can't get it working; http://eu1.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=48d ... vice_Type=[saas] http://eu1.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=48d1300...3&?Saas=[@field:Service_Type] http://eu1.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=48d ... vice_Type
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