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  1. Actually I am asking about how to access a datapage value in html tag I am use the below code but its not working. <script> if( [@field:offer_sales_id]==[@sid]) ) { document.write("<input type='button' Value='Pending'>"); } else { document.write("<input type='button' Value='Create'>"); } </script> I am working on this from 2 days can't find the solution. Please help me ASAP.
  2. how u can access it? can you sent me a syntax (code).
  3. Hello can anybody tell me how to add password strength in password field
  4. Hi, I want to access a value from session in data-form. $first=$_SESSION['first']; how should we acccess this value into caspio form. please sent me solution ASAP
  5. Hi, I am making a simple registration form. which contain the field First name, last name,email address,mobile no. I want to validate all field like below First / Last name :- Only alpha-bates are allowed email Address :- authenticate email allow mobile no.:- only digit allowed please sent me solution ASAP
  6. hi, I am making a caspio HTML login page. which contain 2 field email address and password I want to connect that page with caspio database. So, please sent me solution how should i do that? Please sent me solution ASAP.
  7. Hello, I created a small project in which i want to pass value on next page in URL on button click in caspio. value are pass in URl like below "offer_created.php?id=11" but I don't know how to access that value from url in next caspio form . Please sent me solution ASAP.
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