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  1. Ok.. I must still be missing something... my brain hurts :lol:

    I now have the User Table which includes a checkbox for admin, trainer and client.

    I also have a table User_Client and a table User_Trainer... decided to set it up as one to many... a client can only have one trainer where as a trainer can have many clients.

    Now I am stuck on how to put it all together...

    1. How do I get the info into the User_Clients Table and the User_trainer Table... then how do I link them together... ie specify which clients belong to which trainers?

    2. How much info do i need in the User_Clients Table and the User_Trainer Table... especially if the info is already recorded in the User table...

    i am assuming that I need to utilize the view feature but I am still a bit lost on how this all works.

  2. OK.. I got the user table organized... now how to i set up the Trainer/Client Relationship table?

    Most of the trainers will have multiple clients....

    I will want the trainers to have the ability to add clients to their account and clients the ability to add trainers to their account.

    The trainer or client being added will not need to be an active user... but I would like the ability to make them active.

    I will want the trainer to be able to view all of their clients data and matching possibilities but I will want the clients to only be able to see info pertaining to them directly (and not be able to see all the trainers info).

  3. Hi.

    I am designing my first app. I am a equine sales agent and I am trying to manage all the info that I receive on a daily basis.

    I have a list of horses available for sale and a list of people looking for horses. I need the system to match the available horses with the people looking by different criteria. I believe that I need to have four types of users - admin, trainers, clients and public.

    So currently I have a table for the horses available, a table for the horse requests and a table for users.

    I my industry many times I never actually deal with the person buying or selling the horse, but sometimes I do. Many times I deal with the trainer who is either selling the horse for the owner or buying a horse for the purchaser.

    So I need to be able to link trainers to clients and clients to trainers, additionally I need to note which user owns the horse available and which user is the trainer. I also need to be able to track which user submits a request and who their trainer is. Sometimes a trainer will tell me what types of horses they are looking for... for multiple clients. When the trainer logs on I want them to be able to view all the matches for all of their clients. While when a client logs in I want them only to view matches for them not the other clients of their trainer.

    My question is: Do I need to have a table for trainers and one for clients (owners/buyers)? Or can I use just one user table and still link the different types of users?

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