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    BoloMinoriLop reacted to waltmayo in Autosubmit A "delete"   
    I have a simple report... it accepts a file_id to display a single item/record. I have the "allow delete" checkbox toggled on. Sooo... if I call the report, data is displayed for a single record and a DELETE button is visible. I would like to be able to autosubmit the form. I've used code from this forum to do this... but it loops. Any help would be appreciated!
    Or any other method to delete a single record by code of some kind...
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    BoloMinoriLop reacted to georgeadams in How To Show Sums   
    I need to be able to show a form that includes data from a primary table and then an HTML table of a related child table.  I do not see any instructions on how to do this.  Is this possible with Caspio?  Or do I need to create an external HTML page to handle this that merges two different datapages?
    On a related now, I want to also show a summary report that shows info from the primary table, and then shows counts from the related child table.  For example, I want something like this:
    name, count of orders, sum of order totals, data of last order
    How can  I accomplish this?
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    BoloMinoriLop reacted to slusk in File upload   
    Is there a way to receive the uploaded file as an attachment in email?
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    BoloMinoriLop reacted to theconav in Get Chart Values   
    Hello everyone,
    I have a chart and I want to update a table (in a different datapage) with the values of each of the chart's category items. The chart is the one in the attached file :
    I need to be able to get the value of "Points" of each of the Category's items (ET, FB, G3, GA etc)  and update a different data page.
    How could this be done ?
    Many thanks !

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    BoloMinoriLop reacted to ppbb123 in Iframe Auto Resize Height   
    How to resize an iFrame based on the content being loaded in it? 
    My Iframe code is like:
    <iframe width="100%" id="myFrame" src="URL.htm" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" "> Thanks
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    BoloMinoriLop reacted to css3238 in Structure Help   
    Please Disregard. Thanks
    HI all, and thanks in advance for the help (and apologies for the length).
    I am making a political campaign management system that will track volunteers and voters (primarily). There will be an unknown number of candidates I will support (the more the merrier), but each candidate will have four user groups, plus there is a fifth system admin group that will be able to access everything. Candidates and their volunteers will be able to search for individual and groups of voters to flag them as possible voters or volunteers.
    I only want each candidate and their respective volunteers to have access to voters in their district. Of course some candidates will need to access the same voter because of districts inside of each other (think a House of Representatives running in a part of a state where a Senator is also running state wide).
    So far I have created folders for the DataForms as they relate to my user groups, but I get a little turned around on how to filter results of their search. Each candidate is in a Candidates table and has a unique ID. Each voter record has multiple possible fields that can be chosen (city ward, county ward, state house, state senate, etc). My first thought was to give each candidate a "District" field and put whatever the matching data was and then use RLS to match to the right field, but since you have to pull from the authentication table, does that mean I have to put that data in for each user in the authentication table? I'm just a little bit turned around on this. Thanks!
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    BoloMinoriLop reacted to SDDENR in Javascript Loop   
    In my Details page I want to display a link dependent on whether the link field in my table contains an URL. Each record contains 50+ link fields named Link1, Link2, Link3, etc.
    I have the following javascript code working to display the link only when the field has an URL present:
    if('[@field:gw_spillpdfs_link1]' != "")
    var frm = "PDF1";
    document.write(' ');
    if('[@field:gw_spillpdfs_link2]' != "")
    var frm = "PDF2";
    document.write(' ');
    Here is the issue -- rather than have 50+ IF statements I would like to do a loop to move through the fields and then break the loop when I find an empty field (all the following fields will be empty) but I am having trouble with how to place the counter variable in the @Field reference -- the following does not work and I have tried several variations -- maybe you can't even use a variable as part of an @Field reference:
    var i=1;
    for (i=1;i<=100;i++)
    if ('[@field:gw_spillpdfs_link]'+ i = "")
    var frm = "PDF"+i;
    Javascript is not something I am very familiar with. If anyone can shed some light on this I would greatly appreciate it.
    Thank you,
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    BoloMinoriLop reacted to Triad1 in Auto Populate Field Based On Prior Answer   
    I'm really hoping someone can help with this. 
    I want to have one drop down, Field A, with options A1, A2, A3, A4 and A5.
    If someone fills in A1, I then want field B to auto populate with certain text (The quick brown fox).
    If someone fills in A2, I want field B to auto populate with different text (The orange fish.)
    I need this so I can customize the content of the automatic email that goes out to people who fill out the form.
    Thanks in advance!
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    BoloMinoriLop reacted to afgresearch in Auto Populate Based On Report Submission   
    I currently have a simple report where users can filter using dropdown and cascading dropdown boxes.
    What I would like to do is record certain fields into a table based on what was selected on the report. I'd also like to record a timestamp and the user's IP address.
    Is this possible? I'd really appreciate any help!
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    BoloMinoriLop reacted to gravitysrhino in editing columns with JavaScript   
    I'm trying to change the background color for specific columns in my tabular report, following the solution described here: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=12177
    I've been successful at change the colors for only individual cells and not the column. It is as if Caspio treats each cell as its own column. For example, if I have columns A, B, and C with rows 1, 2, and 3, I can change the format for cell A1 but not A1, A2, and A3 without naming each "column."
    Does anyone know why this might happen? I am not very fluent in JavaScript.
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