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  1. Hi Walt, do you use facebook connect for auth in Caspio? We need that (and Linkedin) can can't wait for 8.0 as it seems like months away. Any help or guidance would be appreciated! chris@whoworkswith.me
  2. I need to create a report that shows all the other people who are also associated with a salesperson's clients. This is a directory of who else knows my clients. The problem I seem to have with this report is that it essentially and eventually requires a report that sequences and combines multiple search inputs and reports into one. I am looking for a list from a table, then need to have each one of those items on the list get their own mini report inside a larger report. I have: Vendor table Client table Client:Vendor relationships table (many Vendors on each Client) First I want to search the Client:Vendor table on a single Vendor and look up all the Clients she has. Then, I want to take her Client list and search the same Client:Vendor table and get a report of all the other Vendors who also have each customer (grouped by Client). So it is a two-step process, where the second step is multiple, sequential search terms, with the output in one report. (I'm trying to think if there is a view that I could create for the second, but it still comes down to searching sequentially and creating multiple, stacked reports, if I see this and Caspio's capabilities correctly) You can see my initial, one-by-one crude effort at www.whoworkswithme.com -> Click the "Clients and Contacts" button -> search for "randi@randifrank.com" to get her customer list -> click on "Gateway Community College" to see one of the individual reports that I would want in the previous results page I need to combine 2 & 3 so that the user can see the list of Clients with all the Vendors under each, without having to click one-by-one. (There are refresh and new tab issues for making the form easier to navigate, but most get eliminated once I get the final report right)
  3. I don't think we have the beta 8 yet, but LinkedIn and FB Auth is key...thank you! I can't wait!!!
  4. So far, I simply passed a parameter (Client ID) to a second report, via a link "(Click here to see the Vendors") in the first report. That is ok for my first go, but clunky as I would actually like to get both reporting datasets onto one page, in groups by the first report...(but I guess you know that by now! ;-) Thanks for all your help!
  5. Sorry for all the questions, I do search/read the topics and forum for help before posting! How would I use a single form submission to enter data into two different tables at the same time? For example, user adds a customer of his, which then creates an entry in the "Clients" table (because it is new), and also creates an entry in the"Sales_Coverage" table to create an association between him (Person) and that Client. It would be impractical to have a user enter this info into two different forms. Thank you in advance, Chris
  6. Hello: I have a simple online app that is a collection of salespeople and their clients. Clients can have more than one salesperson. I want to create a report that finds all the clients of a particular salesperson, and displays those clients along with a list of the other salespeople on each of that list of clients. I have the site on www.whoworkswithme.com where I put up a simple version using a single table. But now, I am trying to split it out into 3 tables: Person, Client, and "Coverage" (which is the Client & salespeople) because I will eventually have users registering on their own and adding clients. As I said, I am trying to set-up a report where you search for a person (using their email address) and see ALL of a person's clients, and the ALL of the other salespeople who also are on those clients. In some cases, the person will have clients that have other salespeople. The goal of the app is to allow each salesperson to see the other people who are associated with his clients. So I want to search on an email address, find all the clients that the email/Person is associated with, then find all the other salespeople who are associated with those clients. Then display the clients in order, with a list of the other salespeople for each client I created a View that combines the three tables into one and it looks correct (with multiple client lines for multiple salespeople), then I created a search & report on that View. But when I search by a person's email, I only get a list his/her clients, but not the other salespeople on those clients. I have a search and report version online as an example of what I am looking for, but it only works for looking up a single client at a time to see who else is on that client. It is currently on www.whoworkswithme.com But it uses the original single table. If you go to the site and select "Your Team" and search "Alstom" (client or project) you can see what the results should look like (for a single client, but I want multiple clients displayed like that). All I can get right now is a list of a salesperson's clients, but it does not list the other associated sales people. (see the Me@Work" tab and search for "jbush@nefitness.com"...this list clients, but also should also display other salespeople under each client) I am not sure if this can be done in one report, or needs to be some type of nested query/report. Thank you in advance for and advice! Chris
  7. Anyone have a straightforward way/resource for logging in/authorizing using Facebook and LinkedIn? ...And how to get their permissions data into Caspio, and have them follow from report to report?
  8. Never mind, I found one that has a good HTML5 wizard: Wix.com that does the trick (most of the "wizards" i have seen are anything but...)
  9. What website hosting services are best for Caspio? I am looking for ease of deployment, particularly iFrame templates from the hosting service were I can insert the Caspio datasheet codes so I can drop forms and reports into web pages the easiest. Or, alternatively, are there any templates available around here for this? (Obviously, I'm a relative a novice compared to most of y'all) Thanks, Chris
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