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  1. Is it possible to configure a report view to display table rows of data that have background table shading either based on a set criteria of the cell data, or copying from an excel data source file? For example, green shaded cellsi in excel data source are green in Caspio output, or Caspio programming can set cell shading based on cell values? Ie. if value > 1 then green shading, otherwise no shading. Any guidance I appreciated, could not see this in the support files. Thanks, Anthony
  2. Thanks for the tips. I have contacted Caspio and am waiting a reply. Does anyone know if Caspio can accept basic rules surrounding cell background shading? For example, if a value is over 1 it will be green, less than -1 the background shading will be red. Also, once the bridge is configured and snippets added to website code, does updating the source data file in Caspio automatically update the web pages? Does anyone know of anyexamples of basic excel spreadsheets published as HTML tables? Apologies for the noob questions. Thanks, Anthony
  3. I'm and excel guy looking for a simple solution to publish excel data to a Joomla website. Don't know much about databases or html. I have 1 basic excel file, 10 columns and 500 rows. Column 10 is my "filter" and contains 10 different groups for the data. I also want to have different cell background colors based on the values in the cell (either replicate from excel sheet, or ability to set criteria with Caspio bridge). My goal is to embed code on 10 different web pages, each page would display 1 of the groups. Data is updated monthly, was looking for a solution where I could just upload a new source and it would refresh my web pages. Caspio looks incredibly powerful, but it also looks complex. Newbie looking for help - tutorials or resources or advice on simple excel web display. Thanks, Anthony
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