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  1. WOW @TellMeWhy I owe you a dinner! THANK YOU. I'll give your approach a try. That took some time - much appreciated. What city do you live in?
  2. Thanks again @TellMeWhy They are separate tables. The time entered is not a checkbox, but the actual start/end times for an employee's work day (or portion thereof). It's a record in the time entry table; assuming it is present. If it's not there, the query is empty - hence my first step of building the Employees object/array. While looping through the employee table, how would I go about querying the time entry table? Mind you, this is intended to be automated (as per my post above) as I don't want to have to run this manually every night.
  3. Thanks @TellMeWhy - I appreciate the response. I'm familiar with tasks, but they're looking for records that exist... not seeking to find those that do not. My problem is I have to see who has not yet journaled their time for today. Am I missing something? Ron
  4. Hello friends, I am building an application that looks through a list (view/query) of employees, builds an array of objects (Employees), then spawns (window.open) a new datapage/window and shares the Employees object/array with the child window. The child window/datapage invokes another query into a time entry database and looks for all time entries for today. My Employee object looks like this: name = employee name id = employee id # phone = employee cell # check = boolean / status of a time entry for today or not In the child datapage/window, a report is created retrieving all time entries from today. With each record, I loop through the Employee array looking for a matching employee ID. If a match, I set the 'check' attribute for that employee to true; time entered for the day. This approach basically enables me to look for records in the time entry table that are not present (yuck). At the conclusion of looping through each time entry record for today, in the 'Footer' of the datapage, I loop through the Employee array and for each entry where the check flag is false and send an SMS. I want this process to run every hour from 7:00 pm until 11:00 pm every evening Monday-Friday. This "nagging" application will message employees who have not entered their hours worked that day. (READ: Our staff is tired of nagging reminding employees to enter their time - imagine that!) I think I have the Twilio SMS API on the verge of success (check back Monday), but my vexing problem is this: **** How do I initiate running the initial datapage which creates the Employee array which starts the cascade of events? **** Or... am I full of mud with my approach and should throw it away for a more elegant solution? Any of you geniuses out there have an elegant answer to this? Zapier? Scheduled tasks in Caspio? Help a guy out? Thanks - Ron
  5. Using the Caspio functions in a "Formula Field", I'm trying to use the "Display Value" from an associated table/field. For example: Table: Customer CustomerName - type text CustomerID - type integer Table: Contact ContactName - type text CustomerID - type integer -> points to Customer table The tables are are "related" and the CustomerID field in the Contact table is using the Display Value of CustomerName Question: In the formula field, how do I access the CustomerName?
  6. Thank you @AtayBalunbalunan. My account doesn't have Tasks enabled... Aside from that approach, might you have another idea?
  7. Hello - This has surely been addressed on the boards before, but for the life of me, I cannot find such... I want users to be able to login to an app with the "timeout" of 7 days and NOT have to login again when accessing the same secured page until the expiration of that window of time, even after the browser is closed. My "time out after" setting is set to 7 days, but I'm not sure this is the right way to set this duration or if that's the intent of this setting. Help a guy out? Thanks!
  8. Yes, same here. It's maddening. The issue is that the modal dialog boxes pop up in the center of the active window, NOT relative to the CKEditor's location on the page. It's frustrating and a setting changed on the back end of Caspio, but they claim there's no such change. It just happened to start happening one day to my applications without any changes on my behalf. @caspio
  9. Thank you, @Franchiser I'll give it a try! I appreciate your help.
  10. Thanks @Franchiser! Might you be willing to share your CSS here, please? I have some snippets from Caspio support, but they're not working. Help a guy out, please?
  11. Thanks @Franchiser! Might you be willing to share your CSS here, please? I have some snippets from Caspio support, but they're not working. Help a guy out, please?
  12. By the way, @Franchiser, the same problem exists with the record delete confirmation Yes/No button Caspio presents. SOMETHING changed on the backend of Caspio to cause these annoying matters. Please take a look, @caspio to see what was changed. This started in maybe January or February of this year (2018).
  13. Thanks @Franchiser I tried some of those efforts to no avail. Admittedly, I'm not well versed in CSS, especially vis-a-vis CKEditor. I just can't understand why this started happening out of the blue. I'll dig into the CSS settings and see if I get lucky. Might you have a snippet you can share? In the meantime, if anyone else is battling this annoying problem, I'd sure love to hear from you. thanks! Ron
  14. I've been using the Text Area editor (CKEditor) for years, but suddenly when trying to add a URL (link) link to selected/highlighted text, the editor locks up and renders the page dormant. Anyone else experiencing this issue? What's the issue and work-around?
  15. After a long day of coding/working, I inadvertently and accidentally deleted an important Datapage... Is there any way to restore the datapage? I have the Appkey...
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