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  1. This seems to be still an issue. Does anyone know any workarounds. We have had reports of users with iphones turning off cross-site tracking etc but still being presented with a login form at each and every screen...? Tim
  2. I would love to know how we could do this too. One would have thought that this could be made possible either in S3 or an alternative service...
  3. very sorry for late reply. Have been off ill. But have just tested this and it works great. Thank you very much - much appreciated. George
  4. MayMusic thanks for coming back. We have been asked by a potential client about doing a service app but they wnat 2 factor authentication or at least similar. A simple password wont cut it for them I am afraid. I was wondering if there were any Caspio solutions that used token or secret questions etc that could be made part of the login? George
  5. Wow. Am getting a bit confused. We have a script that where if a field value is NOT blank it displays an icon on the screen. The field contains a URL link to a webpage elsewhere in our app. The icon is just a PNG file (the img scr in script below) which is itself clickable to the web-link URL that is the contents of the field (the field will always contain a URL value - or not). It has functioned fine for a couple of years now Our (old) Script is as follows: <script> if ('[@field:XXXX]' != '') { document.write('<a href="[@field:XXXX]" target="_blank"> <img src
  6. We are looking t develop an app where we would like users to on login be forced to submit to a security question along the lines of: EG: Please submit letter [3] of your secret passcode? Please submit letter [5] of your secret passcode? Idea being that we could use a script to randomize the letter number requested and that the app would do security look up the passcode and only allow login once it had a match. Does anyone have any ideas round this. If anyone has looked at this and has a workable alternative please share. Thanks George
  7. Mathilda I am also keen to use some JS to concatenate two fields within an inline edit. Tried using your script with some changes and not able to get it to work. Could not even get an alert to fire so something is way wrong. Was wondering re the div wrapping. Am I able to put those in the Header and Footer? Any help you can give would be v gratwefully appreciated. George My alert testing script was: <script> $("#cbform-improvement #Mod0InlineEdit").click(function(e){ alert ('hello'); } ) </script> ----------------
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