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  1. hi Jonathan, Thanks for your help. Yesterday i couldn't make a screenshot on my ipad because it was empty.Now i tried it again and it looks ok. very strange. Thx for your help and sorry for the trouble, not sure what is going on.
  2. Hi, On the iPad it shows a partners box, a square box (the same as on the partners tab) only without the content (only the html). On the normal browser it only shows the description text without this box. So it shows the HTML block within the section that needs to be hidden. But this only does this on the ipad (as far as i can see it, maybe there are other browsers too that don't work properly). I've added a screen to show how it should look. On an ipad it also shows this box. Regards
  3. I have a datapage with HTML and some field. They are together in a section. Depending on a variable it shows or hides the section, This works fine on all browser like safari, firefox etc. On the iPad this doesn't work. It hides the field but it still shows the HTML code within the section. This must be some kind off bug. Can you help me out. See for an example http://www.cloudplaats.com/yanomo/ (field omschrijving). On a mac on safari it just shows the description (first tab), but on an ipad it also shows some html (a box) that needs to be hidden.
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