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  1. This worked great! One question, my concatenate goes horizontally, which makes it extremely difficult to navigate. How did you get yours to go vertical? See screenshot
  2. Racking my brain, thought I'd give this brilliant group of people a shot at my problem! I'm using tasks to send daily emails that link (with parameters) to a report form. I need each email to show a specific timeframe of activity that is static (i.e. todays email should show yesterday and today up to the time the email was sent, but Sundays email should show Saturday etc.). I'm using parameters, and was intending to set the report up to receive the date ranges. The issue I'm having is stamping the dates into the query string in the email link so they can be passed to the form.
  3. I finally bit the bullet and re-deployed all of my DataPages with asynchronous deployment. I'm having a problem writing a javascript that I used document.write for. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! <script type="text/javascript"> var cb_boolean = '[@field:Courses_Status]'; if(cb_boolean == 'Accepted') { if([@field:Courses_Student_Count] <[@field:Courses_Estimated_Attendance]) { document.write("<a href='http://[@app:domain]/pm_admin/training/details/registerstudent/[@authfield:Account_regpath]index.html?Course_Number=[@field:Courses_Course_Number]' t
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