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  1. Thanks for the replies MayMusic and Barbara, In your experience, how much time does it take to solve the issues introduced by breaking changes? And, how does Caspio help you? What kind of help do they give you? It's a support case?
  2. Hi guys, I'm trying to understand what to expect from the Caspio cloud, regarding major versions' upgrades. In your experience, how seamless are the upgrades to your Caspio accounts/ environments? When your code is affected by breaking changes, what are your options? Redo the code? Stay in the same version? In your experience, how much time does a Caspio major version upgrade consumes you, in terms or redoing/ verifying the code? And, in terms of testing your applications, to make sure the functionally hasn't broken? (Smoke tests) How often do your applications functionality break? Wha
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