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  1. I want to validate user input to start with 2 letters and follow with 4 numbers when user tries to add data to a submission form
  2. How can I get yesterday's date and show it on a field called StartDate on a submission page in this format: mm/dd/yyyy
  3. I want to have a radio button in which user can select to either search for today data which passes today's date for both from and to, or tomorrow or select dates. Any ideas?
  4. I want to enter information on a text field and search the table for any of the entered values for instance if I enter "John Mike" I want to pull up any records that contains any of these names.
  5. I want to create collapsible section where when I click on a button I open a section and show another button which shows section is open
  6. I have a dropdown in a submission page which has a source table. I want to be able to add option to the dropdown if it is not already there without reloading the page.
  7. How can I pass the value that is entered on a submission page to a popup page before I submit the data?
  8. When I open my report I want Grid edit to be the same size as my report and also I want the report to be in Grid edit mode by default. Any ideas?
  9. How can I show the values that are selected on a listbox in submission page in a virtual field?
  10. How can I hide some columns in tabular report without having extra spaces? I have some calculated field which I need to hide.
  11. I want to have a rich text area for my text 64000 fields
  12. How can I add a print button to my page?
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