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  1. I want to validate user input to start with 2 letters and follow with 4 numbers when user tries to add data to a submission form
  2. How can I get yesterday's date and show it on a field called StartDate on a submission page in this format: mm/dd/yyyy
  3. I want to have a radio button in which user can select to either search for today data which passes today's date for both from and to, or tomorrow or select dates. Any ideas?
  4. I want to enter information on a text field and search the table for any of the entered values for instance if I enter "John Mike" I want to pull up any records that contains any of these names.
  5. I want to create collapsible section where when I click on a button I open a section and show another button which shows section is open
  6. How can I enable camera to take photo when uploading file from an input page on mobile phones?
  7. I want to be able to hide a set of fields and show upon click on a list report. How can I do that since we do not have Rules in result page.
  8. I have a table in which there is a field that a part of the value in this field needs to be extracted and saved in another column. How can I achieve this? The value always starts with: CG: and it can be in the middle where it ends with "," or the last value For instance: GG:American Value Entered, CG:Startup, MG:Advanced or GG:American Value Entered, CG:Startup
  9. Would you be able to help me figure out what I'm doing incorrectly. I have a cascading drop down in a submission form that has multiselect enabled (Services). What I want it to do, is that the values of the selected service, be copied to the Description Field as values separated by a comma. Here is the scripts I'm using. It just generates a value of "undefined," so I know something is wrong, but I can't figure out what. Any help is greatly appreciated. var x=document.getElementsByName("InsertRecordServices"); x[0].multiple=true; document.getElementsByName("InsertRecordServices")[0].onblur = function () { document.getElementById("InsertRecordDescription").value = document.getElementsByName("InsertRecordServices").value; }
  10. How can I only include non-blank values in email body?
  11. I want to remove line breaks in my text areas on a details page. How can I do that?
  12. I have a dropdown in a submission page which has a source table. I want to be able to add option to the dropdown if it is not already there without reloading the page.
  13. How can I pass the value that is entered on a submission page to a popup page before I submit the data?
  14. How can I mask input to to add - after 5 digit zipcode in a submission page
  15. I have a report with print option enabled. I have embedded an iframe on this report which has scroll bar and when I print this page I do not see all data how can I have it on max height based on content?
  16. How can I only allow number entry in a text 255 field on my page?
  17. How can I validate a URL in an input page? To make sure it is in a correct format
  18. I have a field keeping SSN numbers and I only want to show the last 4 digits and the rest to be starts. How can I do that?
  19. I want to show a custom icon based on the minutes difference in a report page if >30 minutes between 30 and 60 mins if more than 60 How can I do it?
  20. I need to show the link to child report in a report based on my parent table if there is any child
  21. When I open my report I want Grid edit to be the same size as my report and also I want the report to be in Grid edit mode by default. Any ideas?
  22. How can I have a listbox in which user can select more than one name to send email to?
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