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  1. Radio buttons do not appear on mobile optimized web pages. Work fine on web version. Issue seems to be on both iPhone and Android phones. Anyone have this issue? Fix? I reported it on other other forum.
  2. Any recommendations on reliable web hosting services that also provide web builders as well as being able to do some customizing? Of course needs to work with Caspio? SquareSpace? Wix?
  3. Thank you both. This was very helpful.
  4. Thanks everyone for your prompt responses.
  5. What types of files can be uploaded to Caspio? Is it possible to upload short videos? Longer vidoes? 3-5 mins.? 30-60 minutes? Would that take of too much Caspio storage space?
  6. Does anyone know how one would create a shortcut like an app for use on a phone/tablet (iPhone, android)? My department would like to have a phone/tablet application. I am thinking that it would be great if this app icon pointed directly to my Caspio web application or to my website. Not sure how one goes about creating an app for phone/tablet. I am personally an iPhone user, so I know of no way to create a icon type shortcut to put on the home screen of the iPhone/iPad. I don't know if this is possible with Android. I know Caspio has API to make datapages enhanced to use on a phone/tablet, but not an actual icon. I hope this makes sense. Are there other third party applications that can be used to get an actual phone/tablet app? Any insight would be appreciated.
  7. I know this original question is old, but newbie here. This functionality does not seem to be working properly. I have been able to get the logout button to show up, but after clicking on it, a new web browser tab opens with the login screen again. The original window screen stays open, which is still logged in. What is the correct code needed to log out, but not open a new browser tab? Here is the code I am currently using : <a href="http://b6.caspio.com/folderlogout/">Logout</a>
  8. I would like to create a basic student attendance system. I am able to do this with MS Access by using a form which pulls in my student roster and then exucuting a macro which runs an append querry to add the records to a table. This is very basic, adding a record each day for each student showing they were present. I am then able to sum up the records via querry and know how days each student attended. I am at a loss on how to go about doing this using Caspio. It does not seem to have the same ability as MS Access to Append records to a table from a form (data view). Maybe I should be more specific about this last point. I know you can do each record one at a time, but I have not been able to figure out how to submit (append) an entire list of records at one time. The list may contain 20-100+ records. Can anyone offer suggestions on how this might be accomplished? Thank you.
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