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  1. Never mind... I got it to work by adding +" "+ in the line var allpositions = position1 + " "+ position2; and removing the Space field. t
  2. Jan, Does that mean that I can't add a third position and make give it a default value of a space (" ")? I modified the script as below... <script language="JavaScript"> function concatenate() { var position1 = document.getElementById("InsertRecordFname").value; var position2 = document.getElementById("InsertRecordSpace").value; var position3 = document.getElementById("InsertRecordLName").value; var allpositions = position1 + position2 + position3; document.getElementById("InsertRecordAllPositions").value=allpositions; } document.getElementById("caspioform").onsubmit=concatenate; </SCRIPT> I made the field "Space" hidden field with a default value on load of " ". But that value does not save. When go back there is no space in the field. Workarounds? t
  3. I found the answer on how to concatenate first and last name. Now I just need to know how to insert a space between the two... Thanks, T
  4. Jan, Thank you, but there is one detail... I got the JS to work from the article you mentioned, but I want to have a space between the first name and the last name. I tried creating a field called "Space" and giving it a default value of " ", but the system doesn't seem to want to hold a default value of a single space. When I tried this, I made Space=Position2 and used 1,2, & 3 in the code above, but I still got "FirstNameLastName" instead of "FirstName LastName." Any solutions? Thanks again.
  5. The solution here feels like the answer I am looking for, but I need a little help to implement. I have a first name field and a last name field on my submission form. I would like to create a new value for "full name" by concatenating the two. This needs to happen without necessarily "passing" the parameters since this is collected on the last page the user will interact with. I'm not really a JS person. I just know what I've learned implementing things here and there on Caspio. So my question is... If my First name field is FName, my last name field is LName and I want to create UserName, how specifically would I alter the code mentioned in this post? Do I use Position1? Substitute it? Use "caspioform"? Substitute it with a data page name? Sorry the question is so basic, but that's where I am. Thank you for any help.
  6. I have this exact problem, but the link posted as the original solution seems to be gone. Is there an updated version of this solution? T
  7. Jan, Thank you. I got the basic first part to work, meaning that I can now search the the one field with two different terms. The solution you pointed me to creates a new text field, so it appears that I need to enter the two different entries into the two different boxes. Here is the next part: I created a listbox and used javascript to allow it to take multiple selections. Is there any way for me to take the result from the multi-select listbox, pass that to a single place for one field, and have the search conducted based on the result of the multi-select listbox? For example, If the user selects "run" and "swim" from the listbox, and I pass "run, swim" to the search box, can I have a search done looking for run OR swim? I could not find a solution to this searching the forum. Thanks, t
  8. I have a database with a field that can contain multiple keywords, separated with commas (e.g. "run, swim, bike, drive". Some records have one entry, some have multiples per the example. I would like to be able to search on 2 or more keywords at once. For example, return all the records that contain "run" or "swim" and only those. I'm not sure how to do it. The way I have it set up now, if I enter any two items in the search field, I get back all records, including those that don't have either term in the that field. Any idea how to get this to work the way I want? TC
  9. I was trying to set up a sub account for access to my Caspio account. After setting it up, I tried using the sub account user name and password. Caspio gave me an error message telling me the information was not valid. When I tried logging back in as myself (admin), when I hit submit, the screen cleared my data, but did not open a Bridge window. I can't seem to access Bridge now using Chrome. I have cleared my cache, closed the browser and restarted my computer, but the problem persists. I can access my account through Safari, but would like to resolve the Chrome problem. Suggestions?
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