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  1. Thank you Maymusic.. I do not need the actual calendar record for the results, it is merely referenced in the search to determine availability. Is there a way in caspio of searching across the date fields in a table to achieve this. I need to produce a list of users available for a time period added in the search. i.e. looking for someone available between 2nd April 2014 thru to 28th April 2014. The search will pick up anyone with nothing entered in that period first ( top of report list )meaning that they are fully available then filter down in order of amount of availability thru that period. I am still getting my head around caspio and any help will be fantastic. Regards Ian
  2. Hi - I have created a view across four tables which I need to pull data from using a search form. This works fine if there are only single records in each table per user_ID ... However three of the tables have multiple entries per user and these all show in the results list. Is there a way of losing the multiple entries to only show the one record in the results? ie, I have a calendar entry table with several entries per user, but I only need to see that user once in the results list. I need the calendar entry in the search as I am trying to achieve a date search producing a results list with people available between certain date periods. Any suggestions or help will be greatly appreciated? many thanks Ian
  3. Yes it was something simple I was missing... all good now.
  4. I have created a table for file uploads. I need the user to be able to upload multiple files for their profile. At the moment I have everything working fine with a single file but I cannot work out how to allow additional records to be added to the table using the same user_ID. Please show me the way anyone. I am sure this is something simple I am missing. Regards Ianaleena
  5. Thank you MayMusic - log-out now works fine.
  6. I am having problems with the logout link ... I have copied the logout URL from "authentications properties logout link" and inserted this into the header of my data page. I have not redirected to another page after logout, I have kept this as same form to prompt the caspio authentication login to view on my page. This only seems to work sometimes. I can log-in from my homepage into a test profile then logout successfully back to the caspio generated authentication showing in my login screen which allows me to then login to a different test profile. But then it goes all wrong ...as I can then no longer log out, the link stops working. I can click on it several times with nothing happening then it will decide to go to the caspio homepage ?? Any suggestions ?? regards Ian
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