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  1. While using a datapage today, I noticed that the formatting was all wrong, so I went to try to find out what was going on, and found that one of my data tables has 223 new fields added. The fields are NoName, NoName1, etc, through NoName223. I didn't add these fields. Help?
  2. Hi. I have a datapage that I print often. It's a Details Datapage, and I print the Details Page. I've gone through the style assigned to my document, and reduced the side of text from 12 to 10 in settings (in a number of places). The text appears smaller in the window, but when I print it, the text is the same size as it was. The text of the document is too big and I'd like to reduce its size somewhat. How could that be done? Thanks.
  3. I have been able to make minor changes to my datapage designs, but when I get into doing much that's significant (like changing a text field to a dropdown menu) I get these errors. This is happening in two different datapages, that use completely different tables.
  4. Hi Rockstar! No, I didn't change the datasource. I might have previously added some fields to tables, or deleted some. Didn't import any data.
  5. I'm having the same problem on every datapage I try to edit. Can you explain more about the fix you proposed and why the problem exists and why the fix works? This error just started popping up this week. Thanks, Carl
  6. Thanks Jan, what fun. I wish I knew Javascript. Is there a way to add another line so that the user won't enter a data in the in the future -- beyond this calendar month -- as well?
  7. I entered this script and it works. Can someone help me modify it so that it validates that the date is within this calendar month? Thanks, Carl
  8. I'd like to use this script in my datapage submission form. I would like to modify it a bit so that it prevents any entries that aren't within this calendar month. I confess, I don't know javascript. I'm assuming that this code goes in an HTML block in the datapage that I'm building? Thanks. Carl
  9. Hi. I'm fairly new, but here's my suggestion. On the advanced tab, under "External Associations and Defaults: check the checkbox after "On Load:" Then select system perameter, and select datestamp. That is giving me a default of today. HOWEVER I also have a question: How do I have a field default to the current date, without adding the time after it? If I use the datestamp, the field includes the time and I don't want that. Is there another way to get a default date of today/the current date, or to format the field so that the time isn't there?
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