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  1. Hi Jan,


    Can you please help me.


    Need help with a code in a HTML blok for storing a date with extra days.

    Whats the promblem: I want to store a (date + 84 days) extra


    I use in my submissionform the parameter  [@Initiele_meting], this parameter [@Initiele_meting] receives on load a[@cbTimestamp*] 

    In my table the field Initiele_meting is a Date/Time field

    I want to store [@Initiele_meting] + 84 days in the table as A_Keuring is a Date/Time field.

    Why do I want it: see it like this. You are making today [@cbTimestamp*] a appointment, the deal is that you always take a action between the [@cbTimestamp*] and A_Keuring (this is the [@cbTimestamp*] + 84 days)


    I now have this in the footer, but dont work:

    function grandTotal(){

    var_a =parseFloat(document.getElementById("InsertRecordEndDate").value);


    Thank you!!

    And greetz from the Netherlands.

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