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  1. Hello xtrasize, Welcome to Caspio forum! If I understand correctly, you can click the Account in the Up menu, then click "My Profile" and edit. You can find the instructions in the article. I hope, it helps.
  2. Hi, I am almost did it Maybe, someone can help me with the last step. Steps: Create three DataPages: Tabular DataPage that uses the table A as the DataSource; Submission DataPage that uses the table B as the DataSource; Details DataPage, that uses the table A as the DataSource. On Tabular DataPage, add the HTML Block, disable HTML Editor and enter the code: <a href="URL_where_Submission_DP_is_deployed?id=[@field:id]&name=[@field:name]&surname=[@field:surname]&comment=[@field:comment]">Delete</a> You can enter the correct URL and use as many fields as you wan
  3. Hello naidah14, Maybe, conditions in Calculated fields can help. Does it work for you?
  4. Hello crazedwombat, What page do you want to use? Result page or Details page? If I understand correctly, you want to click a link or button, then the record is "moved" to another table. Is it correct?
  5. Hello nhunsaker, Welcome to Caspio Forum! As far as I know, you can send Views and Tables with Scheduled Export Tasks. Does it work for you?
  6. Hi Aurora, You are right, it was not completely good code. You can use the update code (please, enter the name of you field instead of FIELDNAME and the correct number instead of "15": <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> function check_date() { var field_name = "FIELDNAME"; var allowed_years = 15; field_name = "InsertRecord" + field_name; var entered_value = document.getElementById(field_name).value; var entered_date = new Date(entered_value); var entered_year = entered_date.getFullYear(); var today = new Date(); var current_year = today.getFullYear(); var denied = false; if(current_
  7. Hi Aurora and piyali, I have used this generator. Please note, that the link does not work in the Preview mode. Please also note, that you should use the code as it is and click the "Source" button in your HTML Block or Header&Footer element: <a href="//pdfcrowd.com/url_to_pdf/">Save to PDF</a> You should do not change anything in the code. Could you please tell what does not work? Do you see any error message?
  8. Maybe, it is possible to merge both scripts (and three steps, that allow do not click the last record more than once): <script type="text/javascript"> if(document.getElementById("caspioform")) { if(document.getElementById("cbParamVirtual1").value==document.getElementById("cbParamVirtual2").value) { document.getElementById("caspioform").style.visibility = 'hidden'; document.write('<font face="arial" color=red size="5">Email Notifications have been Sent!'); } else { if("[@field:text]" == "105") { setTimeout('document.forms["caspioform"].submit()',1000)
  9. Hi aam82, I am afraid, my solution (all steps, not only the script) replaces Aurora's.
  10. Hello larsonchst, I am not sure that I understand you clearly. There is an article with a JavaScript Solution: Concatenate/Combine two fields into one field. Does it work for you?
  11. Hello everyone, I have found a solution, but it requires additional steps. Select the field with id or with any unique value, on the Advanced tab, select the Pass field value as parameter checkbox and copy the name of the parameter (for example, "[@id]"). Add a Virtual field, select the Hidden Form element, select the External Parameters "On load, receive", paste the name of the parameter from step 1 (for example, "[@id]"). Add the second Virtual field, select the Hidden Form element, select the Data Source Field "On load, receive", select the field with id or with any unique value, th
  12. Hi ychaudhry, Welcome to Caspio forum! The code looks like good. Could you please provide the URL to your DataPage to see the problem?
  13. Hello Larry, Have you a formula for calculating of PMT? If you can write it, I think, I will be able to "convert" the formula to the code for a Calculated field. Do you want to use fields of your table as arguments for the formula?
  14. Hello Larry, If I understand correctly, M3:M32 means all records, then the formula finds the MAX of all records and divide it by 12. Is it correct? If it is correct, you can use an Aggregation. Yon can add an Aggregation, select you field, select the Formula option and enter the following formula: MAX/12 I hope, it helps. Could you please elaborate on an amortization schedule? Do you want to display the whole sum that should be paid in 1 year? Or do you want to display values month by month?
  15. Jan


    Hello Sheik, Welcome to Caspio forum! As far as I know, it is possible, but needs custom programming. You can ask send your request at: http://www.caspio.com/professional-services/ I hope, it helps.
  16. Hello Larry, Welcome to Caspio forum! Could you please provide your file? Does the first row contain any data? If no, please add a data and try to import again. I hope, it helps.
  17. Hello MrJason, Welcome to Caspio forum! A Details page displays the same record. So you can add a field to a table, and when the record is displayed, the value of the field is updated. A Submission form creates a new record. Every time when a user clicks the "Submit" button, a new record is added. So the number of records is equal the number of submissions. Does it works for you? If you want to count how many times the webpage, where the Submission Form is deployed, is displayed you can deploy the second DataPage on the same webpage.
  18. Hello aam82, Could you unite fields of "Services" and "Check Requests" in one table? It seems, it is the easiest way. You can use the same DataSource for "Services" and "Check Requests" Submission Forms, but use only "its" fields.
  19. Hi, Please make sure that all the following steps are done: a. Copy the code below and paste inside the <head> section of your web page: <script src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.7.1/jquery.min.js"></script> b. Download the JavaScript file from here and upload the file to your website hosting. Once uploaded, you’ll need to reference this file in the <head> section of your web page. Example: <script src="http://yoursite.com/yourfolder/jquery.signaturepad.min.js"></script> c. Edit the Details page of the DataPage and choose form
  20. Hi senicholas, As far as I can see, cells are yellow and texts are red, you can see the screenshot in the attachment. Could you please elaborate what is wrong? Maybe, if you see another picture, the clearing of cache can help.
  21. Hi senicholas, If I understand correctly, maybe many reasons why the code does not work. Have you disabled AJAX on your page? It is enabled by default. You can check the setting on the "Results Page Options" step. Could you provide the URL of your page?
  22. Hi senicholas, It seems I have answered in another topic. Is it the same question?
  23. Hi senicholas, I have found the solution in the article. But the solution is rather big, so I have edited the code. Please disabled AJAX on your DataPage, then add Header&Footer element, select the "Footer" element, click the "Source" button and enter the following code: <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> /* tableNum is the number of the table to be formatted, the first table is 0. If several DataPages are deployed on the webpage, several tables are displayed*/ var tableNum = 0; /* tableNum is the number of the column to be formatted, the first column is 0. */ var columnNum = 0;
  24. Hi pedrolopez, Welcome to Caspio forum! I have a number of coordinates, like "[{"lx":35,"ly":12,"mx":35,"my":11},{"lx":35,"ly":11,"mx":35,"my":12}," and so on. When you "draw" with a mouse, is anything displayed in the field? Do you check in Preview mode or in the deployed webpage?
  25. Hi Phil, It is strange, that there is no "Right" option in Label position. I never think about it, but now it is strange You can try the following steps: 1) On the "DataPage Data Source" step, enable "Advanced options" and "Parameters". 2) After every Text field, add a Virtual field. 3) For Virtual fields, select the "Display Only" Form Element; on the Advanced tab, check "On load: Receive value or parameter", select the "Default value" and enter the text of your label. 4) For Text Fields, on the Advanced tab, check the "Continue next element on the same line". 5 and last) For Te
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