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  1. I'm very new and a simply explained answer would be appreciated, I can set up tables and some datapages. If I have two or three tables that contain data for an invoice, how can I set them up to show all show on the same web page. Id like to have an email or printable invoice page that bring data from a customer table, and invoice table and a products table. Any ideas gratefully received regards Richard
  2. HI All, I'm very new to caspio, but used Lotus Approached in the past. Id like to design a database to manage our customers, stock and invoicing etc. on my web site. Ive seen tht caspio can do reports from one table, but for invoicing it needs to show data from 3 related tables. ie. Id like a report to show T.C customer table T.I invocie table T.P products table An invoice report would then show ( 3 different tables of data on one screen on the web site) T.C customer Name T.I invoice number T.I invocie date etc T.P products A Price T.P product B PRice Vat total etc etc I was able to do all this on lotus, can can't think hwo to begin todo it on Caspio, any ideas very gratefully received Regards Richard
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