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  1. OK, I'm still fairly new to the world of getting information out on the web. My question is about the best way to deploy my datapages. I have created several datapages for communicating information to my clients about the work my company has done on their property. I also created a Wix site to display the information. I have navigation in the wix site, and each of the Wix web pages has an HTML frame that displays a datapage. Some web pages have more than one datapage in it. The problems this creates are: 1. Before login, every window shows the login box. The Home page has 3 windows in
  2. Thanks, Jan. I'm going to give this a try and see if I have better results!.
  3. My question is probably very basic and there is no Caspio for Dummies. I have written some tables and data pages and it is time to deploy. I want a stand-alone login page, so I created a login form, a larger user form, an authentication, and I checked auto login for other forms. I understood that for deployment I am to create my webpages with my colors, logo, and some web navigation in my web-publication service (Wix, in my case) and then deploy Caspio information inside the webpages in smaller areas. However, that understanding was challenged when I tried to define a URL after suc
  4. I am fairly new to this, so forgive me if this is a simple matter. I would like to know if there is a way to use an authentication to change the page of the Wix website it is hosted on. My application is fairly complex (at least for me) and I would like the authentication that occurs at the beginning of the app flow to advance the page on the website to the authentication-protected material. The issue is - with multpile pages on the website and different Caspio datapages on each webpage, how do I provide a user with website navigation but keep the user from having access to the navi
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