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  1. Can anyone advise if this is possible in the bulk update screen? I've tried the solution as is but it doesn't seem to hide the Update button
  2. We have a number of processes which were originally built to update single records and used javascript to test for certain conditions and post values into fields dependiong upon the results. As an example, if an agent clicks the JS button to mark a job as compete, the script caclulates the current time plus 10 minutes and posts that to a field. When looking at the "live" situation on screen, the controller screen filters for jobs that are either no marked as complete, or where the Completed Time + 10 mins field value is after no (i.e. a job will be shown if completed within the last 9 minutes). This process works fine when an agent is only dealing with a single job but if he is processing a bulk edit of multiple jobs, the script fails to operate. Is it possible to run javascripts within the bulk edit popup window and if so, is there some code we need to enter to ensure that each record selected for bulk edit receives the same correct data? Any helkp woud be appreciated - even if it just tells me that it cannot be done so I can stop wasting my time trying. Thanks
  3. Hi Xiang and George, Did this solution work? If so I'd like to adapt it for our problem below. I've got a similar problem where we sometimes move passenger individually and have a button to record each stage of their progress and record location, who booked the progress and a timestamp. However, when we move a number of passengers at the same time, the driver currently has to open up each passenger record and click on the button to update their details for stage of the journey. Obviously we would like to use the bulk edit process but can't get our JS button to work in bulk edit mode. I tried simply copying the bitton code from the details page - it gives me a pretty button but it doesn't update anything. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Martin
  4. I have a test script in a submit form which gets the latest text value of a dropdown and puts it into another field dynamically using onmouseover. Virtual2 has the dropdown table. ************ <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript"> document.getElementById('Submit').onmouseover = function() { var hour = (document.getElementById('cbParamVirtual2').value); document.getElementById('InsertRecordLastallocagent').value = "Hello " + hour; }; </script></body></html> ************** When I try to use a similar script in an Update form - I change to "Insert" "Edit" ElementById to ElementsByName [0] and I've set up a checkbox Virtual2 which triggers the input to Lastallocagent but it gives me "Hello" + the first (default) entry in the dropdown table in Virtual1 rather than changing to the agent I select from the dropdown ********* <script> var hour = (document.getElementsByName('cbParamVirtual1')[0].value); document.getElementById('cbParamVirtual2').onchange= function g_date() { document.getElementById('EditRecordLastallocagent').value = "hello" + hour; }; </script> *************** I've been at it all day - any help would be appreciated Thanks
  5. The JS code is not shown in this thread. Can anyone advise how I can see it - I am trying to solve a similar problem. Thanks
  6. Forgive me I'm an excel user trying to get things done on Caspio. I ask the user to input their flight number and use autocomplete to ensure it is a valid flight number for thier airport. Fieldname = Flightno I then ask the user to select the date of the flight Fieldname = FlightDate I thne calculate the Weekday no (using Mon = 1, Tue = 2) Fieldname = Dayno I then concatenate the Verified flight number and the day of the week to get a code I use to lookup and return details of the flight from a table Fieldname = Flightno_code To try to do the same in Caspio, I'm trying to use the following footer script <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> function concatenate() { var Flightno = document.getElementById("InsertRecordFlightno").value; var Date = document.getElementById("InsertRecordFlightDate").value; var Dayno = Date.getDay(); var Dayno = document.getElementById("InsertRecordDayno").value; var Flightno_code = Flightno + "-0" + Dayno; document.getElementById("InsertRecordFlightno_code").value = Flightno_code; } document.getElementById("caspioform").onmouseover=concatenate; </SCRIPT> When I have the Date, flightno and Dayno as simple inputs, the concatenation works fine, but each element fails when they are not simple inputs. Can anyone point me in the right direction please?
  7. Hi, first time user with no HTML so please go easy on me. We want to allocate various jobs to a user. We currently run a tabular report to select a range of jobs but then have to go into the detail view of each job (record) to select the appropriate user from a dropdown in the allocate duser field, click update and return to results to allocate the next job. It works but but the guy using it says it was a lot simpler in Excel where he could simply click on the dropdown list in the appropriate cell under allocated user column and select a user. Is it possible to update using a dropdown in the tabular report? Or maybe design an update sheet where we could see multiple jobs and just update the allocated user field? Thanks
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