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  1. I have a submission form with required fields. How do I create a button that will allow users to return without entering anything in these required fields?
  2. I have created a view by joining 2 tables. TblFinalPts has everyone in it, tblAppraisal will get new records added to it. I made tblAppraisal editable. I'd like to display some fields from tblfinalpts on the submission form that uses the view, but they are not in the 'list' of fields. Why can't I use them -- I can see them when I look at the View?
  3. Thank you. I am actually going to use both tips that you suggested because it allowed me to make another change that I wanted.
  4. I have a report that has an interactive search. I'd like to change the automatic 'search again' to say something like 'Select another department'. Where do I make this change?
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