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  1. It's hard to tell from the screenshot, but it looks like that could be a border-collapse issue. I've had similar problems with some of my results pages in IE10. Again I'm not sure that's your issue, but you could try playing around with those values. You can find more information on border-collapse here: http://www.w3schools.com/cssref/pr_border-collapse.asp Also I'd recommend getting an Inspect Element tool for whatever browser you are using . That will help a lot with troubleshooting your site, especially the CSS issues like this. More information on that here: http://cms.about.com/od/cms-basics/a/Get-The-Inspect-Element-Tool-For-Your-Browser.htm
  2. Thank you for the reply Barbara! Unfortunately I can't get this solution to work. I did each step correctly and i'm getting an error on my page which shows the variable is not getting defined. I embedded the first code block in both my authentication form header, and the datapage for that form, neither with any luck. I tried to screenshot most of the code so you can see what I mean.
  3. Domco

    Reduce Row Hight

    Hello Leadma! You are able to change your row height with CSS in the Styles tab. Find the Style that your DataPage is linked to, then click the Table Layout element. From there you can edit the three values i've highlighted to make your rows larger or smaller. Let me know if this works for you! Thanks! -Seth
  4. Thanks for the reply MayMusic! I haven't tried that method for hiding the content yet, but it looks like that will work. Should I just include that in an IF statement? My problem now is just getting my Datapage to create those cookies, I can't figure out why it's not working. Is there any other method of keeping my user access levels throughout my entire site? (multiple HTML pages embedded with DataPages)
  5. I am trying to conditionally show/hide HTML elements based what type of user is logged in. I’m not too familiar with how Caspio sessions are handled and how they relate to my HTML pages. I also have very little Javascript experience. There should be three levels of access, Admin, Manager, and User. I currently have an authentication table that has three users and three yes/no fields (admin/manager/user), each user is a different type. My first idea was to use cookie data. On successfully logging into my authentication form it would make a cookie for user type which would have a value of admin, manager, or user. Then I could use that cookie to add the display:none style to certain elements that I don’t want lower access users viewing. My problem is that I’m not sure how to do that with Javascript, or if that is the best practice. I currently have an HTML Datapage linked to my Authentication. On that page is this code: var type_admin = '[@authfield:admin]'; var type_manager = '[@authfield:manager'; var type_user = '[@authfield:user]'; if (type_admin == "Yes") { document.cookie="type=admin"; } else if (type_manager == “Yesâ€) { document.cookie="type=manager"; } else if (type_user == “Yesâ€) { document.cookie="type=user"; } Then I assume I would just reference the cookie on my HTML pages somewhat like this: <div class="adminContent"> Show this content if the user is Admin </div> <div class=â€managerContentâ€> Show this content if the user id Manager </div> <div class=â€userContentâ€> Otherwise show this content </div> Here are the HTML/PHP files I’m working with: http://domco.us/vita/test/ And here is the login page that’s just an embedded Datapage: http://domco.us/vita/page_login.php In the end I would like to be able to filter things like navigation buttons or div blocks. It would be great to have an Admin Tools link in the navigation that only Admins/Managers could see. I’m not sure the specifics of getting something like this to work. Also I don’t know how to keep that @authfield data throughout different HTML pages (not linked to Caspio) and I’m just assuming Cookies are the best option. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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