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  1. I needed to know how to add links to files from individual cells but the above link to the help page is 404. Is there new link I could reference?
  2. Yes thank you again... I know you guys have helped out quite a bit so please indulge me one last formatting question: is it possible to style an individual row or column? I would like all of the data in column 1 to be centered but all other columns to be left justified. Possible? Also possible to have some rows with bolded text and others not?
  3. Awesome, thanks! Any idea how I control the column widths?
  4. Hi all, I am trying to figure out how to change the styling of the View Details page that loads after the clicking the View Details link form the search results (screen shot attached). Specifically I would like to apply the same styling of the search results to the View Details page. I can't seem to find it in the Styles editor. Thanks!
  5. I see right away a difference between what I have and what is needed for this. The instructions call for creating a data sheet but I already have an existing one. Do I have to use a newely created one or can I use an existing datasheet and then just hook a search data sheet to it?
  6. Right now I have my dataset displayed on my website as a 25 row table that uses pagination like normal, (see: http://www.bangladeshworkersafety.org/factory-information/factory-search ) but I would also like the user to have the ability to search the data as well. Is it possible to have a search form above the table? When creating the dataset I only see the option to have a user searchable database or displayed based upon certain criteria... not both. Thanks.
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