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  1. Did you ever find a solution to this? I have extremely slow load times 45 seconds +. My website is a public wordpress site....http://bierstubetoledo.com/viewedit-your-picks username: test password: test Any thoughts would be great as current performance is making this application nearly useless.
  2. I've had good luck with Web & IT Group, 419-509-6527 www.webanditgroup.com
  3. Hello, I am using Datahub for the first time. I am getting "file not found error" when I attempt to set up a scheduled task to import a csv file from a web server via FTP. Here are the steps I followed to set this up: From Schedule Tasks page I click "Start new task" I select "Import" for type of task I want to create For the source I completed it as follows: Address: ftp.webaddress.com Directory: /web/content/inventory/ Checked "requires authentication box" and I entered the correct username and password When I click "test connection" I get a green circle with a check mark For the file path and name: /web/content/inventory/CheckInOut.csv Error: When I click next I get the following error "File not found on remote site. Check the site settings or file path and try again." Things I checked: I double checked the spelling of the address, path and file name I can connect to the address with a standard FTP client and I can see the file I want to downloand and I am able to download it from the client. What am I doing wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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