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  1. casGary's post in How To Restrict Search Results Based On Yes/no Value In Table was marked as the answer   
    Hello Jarede,
    I would suggest you to create a view to filter data in your table, based on the value of your yes/no field.
    Here is the instruction on how to set up this filter.
    Let me know if it helps.
  2. casGary's post in Yes/no Field was marked as the answer   
    Have you faced with that when configuring a search form? 
    "Any" is an option that will bring up data with both "Yes" or "No" values in certain fields. This option actually may be very helpfull when building a search form. By checking "Any" you can look for data based on the search criterias set up in the other search fields and the "yes/no" field will not be taken into account.
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