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  1. I did enter the names of the fields so that its InsertRecordStart_date and InsertRecordEnd_date as the names of the fields are (Start_date) and (End_date), unless that is the wrong format?
  2. Just tried that and no alert popped up...and it also let me submit? I even tried it in taking out the earlier script and no such luck, no alert popup and it let me submit...weird huh?
  3. Thank you so much! I was hoping there was a way to only control the calendar popup so that it would only display 2015 and later, but I'm guessing that isn't possible? This solution seems to be working, but I'm afraid it will just seem like the form itself isn't working and the user won't know why...I'm wondering if there a way I can add a popup or alert that let's them know it should be within 2015 and that the end date must take place after the start date? I can't remember if that would just be like an alert text that would do the popup in Javascript or not...
  4. Hmmm...unfortunately its not pulling in the field... It's just showing "Select submission"....and the alignment was a bit off with all the other fields, although with time and some HTML styling, I'm sure I could make it work. Just wish it would have pulled it in. Perhaps it's because it's basing it off of a cascading dropdown? But thank you so much for the suggestion! I knew this was a tricky one If you have any other suggestions, I'm all ears Thanks again for the quick response!
  5. I'm using the calendar popup date picker, with mm/dd/yyyy format, like for today it would be 12/23/2014 if you chose it from the calendar popup - hope that is what you mean?
  6. Hello ShWolf, I just used English localization, US Date/Time output - is that what you meant?
  7. I'm trying to do something a bit similar to what you were....any chance you could post your solution or javascript? Would love to get a peek at what worked for you and see if it could help me as well? Thanks!
  8. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Just wondering if anything remotely close to what I need is out there? I'm willing to hack different solutions together, or if anyone has an answer to just one question - like for example to just control the year only? Thank you to all of you out there
  9. OK, I sort of figured out a way to do this, but it only gets me halfway there. I'm using another cascading dropdown but hiding it with HTML blocks so that it happens behind the scenes so to speak. It's grabbing the Creative ID...but the problem I'm running into is that I had 2 cascading dropdowns looking up either Advertising or Sales Contest for the creative submission and was showing/hiding them based on the first cascading dropdown asking for the type of submission (same lookup table). So now, I've combined them into one, but need to change the field label conditionally - so that if the 1st dropdown where they select "submission type" and it's either gonna be Advertising or Sales Contest, the 2nd dropdown where it looks up the name of the creative submission will say "Select Advertising submission" or "Select Sales Contest submission" based on that 1st dropdown selection....is there a way to accomplish this for field labels? I opened another question here: http://forums.caspio.com/index.php/topic/4777-change-field-label-conditionally/?p=15014 ...since it is kind of a different topic. But wanted to share with anyone else that the way to get around this if you don't have authentication like me, was to hide a cascading dropdown where you want a hidden value not seen by user, but passed nonetheless in the form or into an automatic email, like in my situation. I know that changing the field labels conditionally may seem silly, but trust me the people I'm building this for get hung up the font size, and things like that rather than functionality. So the field label changing is a big deal to them. If there is any way to accomplish this maybe with a javascript or something? Thank you in advance to anyone able to help!!!
  10. I have a cascading dropdown where the lookup values change based on the dropdown above it, so the values will change based on the first selection. I need to change the field label of the 2nd dropdown based on the selection of the first dropdown. So if it the dropdown value for the 1st dropdown is "A", then the field label for the 2nd dropdown would change to "Select "A" submission:" and if "B" is selected for the dropdown value for the 1st dropdown, then the field label for the 2nd dropdown would change to "Select "B" submission:" as an example. I actually have 2 words that would be static for each selection, so I don't necessarily need to grab the text from the dropdown, I just need to be able to switch the label for the 2nd dropdown based on the 1st dropdown selection. Is there a way to do this somehow with a rule conditionally or a JavaScript that would work? Thank you in advance to anyone able to help!
  11. Thanks Barbara, is there a way for me to also pass the name of the creative chosen as well? The reason I ask is that I have a automatic email going to the sales rep and a notification email going to the program administrator upon submit that pulls in the information filled out in the form - serving as a record of notifying both entities of the reimbursement being submitted, so how would I also be able to store the creative submission name somewhere else in the form, maybe a virtual field or something, to be pulled into the emails so that the rep and admin will see the name of the creative submission that the user is submitting reimbursement for? I'm not sure what the other approach would be as I am unable to use authentication - I'm not allowed to have a user name and password for the users to have to remember, so I'm currently having them look up their user record based on 2 different codes, their branch code and their zip code, which are unique enough together to identify them before moving forward into either form - and then pulling in all the pre-loaded contact/user info into both creative and reimbursement forms/tables - I do have a unique id for the user, but is one that I had to come up with outside of caspio and assign in excel prior to uploading all the users. Is there a different way to accomplish what is in the video for one-to-many relationship without authentication? Or another way to stamp the creative id into the reimbursement table as a foreign key? Again, thank you so much for your insight...hoping you will be able to further help me out here
  12. I have 2 forms, 2 tables - one where user submits creative, and they're done then the other where they submit reimbursement for a previously submitted creative. Since they can only submit reimbursement for a creative submission they've already submitted, I am using a cascading dropdown based on submission type (Advertising or Sales Contest) which is the same in the creative table/form. They have to choose submission type then a name, start and end date in the creative form. So for this reimbursement form, I have a cascading dropdown looking up the creative table via user unique id, and then based on submission type cascading dropdown, I have them go to the next cascading dropdown which shows the available previous submissions under that category. My question is, when they select the creative, I have a unique id for each creative submission in the other table/form that is an autonumber, is there any way for me to pass that unique creative id from that table into somewhere in the reimbursement form/table so that the reimbursement would be tied to the creative submission they previously did? Please help! (Must figure this out sooner rather than later - I'm in a jam)
  13. I have a form that has a few scripts already running in it to control some fields where I need to format numbers as currency. I'm good to go on those and they are running fine - A great big thank you to those who are posting solutions here in the forums! - It's been a great help to me and I would not be able to do some of the great things I'm accomplishing without those wonderful individuals who post solutions and code here in the forums. But I now need to control 2 date fields. I have the calendar picker set up for each field, but was hoping for the "Start Date" field, I could somehow restrict it by year, so that it would only start in 2015, and then for the "End Date" field, if there is anyway to control that so that it would only allow the date entered to be AFTER the "Start Date"? I have seen some other solutions in the forums here that refer specifically to making the dates be today or after today, but nothing with year or where a second date field is dependent on the date entered in the first or where year is the only control.... I've got to get this working soon so if anyone can help me, I would appreciate it so much! Thank you in advance!
  14. I am passing a parameter in from a datapage form that is Yes or No. It's just part of the user record and not an actual visible field. But on the next form that the record information gets passed to has several fields that I am already hiding conditionally with rules based on user selections. However, I need to disable one of the dropdown selections and all of its subsequent fields (basically forcing them to only select 1 of the options in the dropdown) if their record is marked Yes or No. Since this is a hidden field in one table/form and is being passed to another table/form, is there a way to use the rules to disable certain fields in the 2nd form based on the value of Yes or No in the hidden field that I have to pull in to the 2nd from from the 1st form? A little background if this will help at all, in the first form, it's a search then update form, where the user gets looked up based on 2 numbers they type in, then I display their profile data and ask for a few more pieces of information. On one of their selections in a radio button, they are directed to this next form where they can submit creative information. On this second form it's asking for different data, and the same user can submit multiple creatives. But only some users are eligible for certain types of creative (2), some users are eligible for both, other users are only eligible for 1 type. I am using rules to hide and show fields already depending on which type they select as I ask for different information based on the type of creative, but I need to be able to disable the 2nd type of creative and all of its fields if the user is not eligible - which is already stored in their info table. I am passing that parameter into the creative submission form, but there is no field for it in that table because it is tied to the user id from the first table/form. So in this creative submission form, I have had to use a virtual field to pull in that eligible field and hide because I don't want them to know who is eligible and who isn't. Anyone have a way to disable fields based on a hidden field parameter? According to page on conditional forms: the http://howto.caspio.com/datapages/forms/conditional-forms/ we cannot disable with a rule based on a hidden field....so just wondering if there is a way around this? Under a deadline, so any help on this is much appreciated!
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