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  1. reyemmaus

    Yes/no Field

    Thanks! I changed Any to Unknown and set it as default search because their are two users conducting two different types of searched on same DataPage
  2. reyemmaus

    Yes/no Field

    How can I delete the third choice "Any" on the radio buttons for Yes/No. What is Any anyway? Rey
  3. Interesting, I will try this. Thanks!
  4. Tech support said only to use Single Record Update in certain special circumstances but rather just use the Search and Report, so that is now working for me. Thanks All!
  5. Caspio Ninja, What do I fill in for parameters field?
  6. How do you configure search fields for just times and not date? Rey
  7. Thank you! I was able to move forward; however, when I clicked Finished, it asked me to fill in the Parameters field. What do I put there? I have 5699 records. I tried 1-5699. I tried just entering 5700. I kept getting "No records found."
  8. Please help with following error when creating a Single Record Update Form "Your datapage must be authenticated or you must pass an identifying unique ID as a parameter. To update the record based on a unique ID parameter, be sure you have enabled Advanced Options and Parameters. " I have checked Advanced Options and Parameters boxes but I still get this message. Rey
  9. I will try this. Since this post, I may introduce a record id instead of importing a field of useless numbers
  10. Yes, in a search report when they click Search
  11. My second posted message at this forum with 0 replies.....just sayin
  12. I started my a new Table by importing an Excel spreadsheet with one column of ID numbers. In the submission form, how do I reveal the next available ID number for the user to enter? I tried dropdown, and it shows the last ID number, but there is no space to enter a new one rey
  13. Hi I am new to Caspio. I have created a datapage that tracks volunteers who are eligible to serve in a certain capacity only once per year; therefore, is there a way to generate text "Ineligible to serve" if the date of last service is within 365 days of search? thanks rey
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