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  1. Thanks for this, Jan - got the first one working, though it only works with one datapage on the webpage (I need two) ... and for some reason today it's randomly stopped working entirely! Ah well - using a workaround for now. The second one is a tricky one - I have a Start_date, an Estimated_completion and a bunch of milestones in between the two. When I reach a milestone I need to compare the length of time that's passed since Start_date with the length of time that was expected to have passerd - and if it's different, AUTOMATICALLY update all of the remaining milestones and the Estimated_completion. I don't want the user to have to input anything for the update. Very tricky
  2. Hi - this appears to be a solution to many issues, so I need to figure out how to direct a form submission to a different datapage so that it updates one or more fields automatically. There are two main instances where i want to do this: I have a new user form which creates a user_ID autonumber and passes it as an external paramater, I have fields for First_name and Last_name (both passing as external parameters on exit) and want to then create a full name by sticking them together. The way I presumed to do this was to direct to a 'Name creation' datapage which is a single record update that received First_name and Last_name as external parameters (hidden fields) and has a third hidden field that sets a Default value of [@First_name] [@Last_name]. I then redirect back to the original page. Not working though - any idea what I'm doing wrong? I'm building a project management tool and need to compare timelines on form exit. So I need it to see if the projected finish date is different to the actual finish date and - if it is - adjust some other dates accordingly. I also need to update some other fields, like 'Current_step' or 'Current owner'. Any ideas at all would be most welcome! Cheers. Tim
  3. Sorry - I was over-thinking this one! Thankyou for this, Jan; it seems this is the key to 90% of the things I want my database to do so this article will be invaluable. All the best.
  4. Hi there - I'm trying to pass an external parameter (a unique ID) from my results page - I've read that I need to do this as a query string, but don't know how to do that or from where! Bit of background - I have a 'Review tracker' list report datapage that directs users to a different page through an HTML block (no details page) based on the status of one of the fields (review_stage), but the page always displays with no results. I think this is because the results page is not passing the unique ID to the next page (which is a 'Single record update' submission form) but can't figure out how to get it to do so! Any help would be greatly appreciated .. Tim
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